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Tanin Straightening: What If It Was The Secret To Healthy Hair?


What if the miracle trick we were looking for to have silky and healthy hair was in fact hidden in a straightening?

Tanin Straightening: What If It Was The Secret To Healthy Hair?

If we all dream of having shiny, soft, and silky hair, getting it sometimes takes a lot (too) of effort. We spend a thousand and a hundred on very chemicals which, in the end, do us more harm than good. However, a technique that is very popular at the moment could be the miracle solution that we were desperately looking for: tannin smoothing. We tell you everything about the benefits of this smoothing, how to adopt it, and especially how to maintain it.

Tannin smoothing: what is it?

Unlike its colleagues, tannin smoothing does not have any chemicals that can harm our hair fiber. This miraculous smoothing is vegetable, it comes from the bark of certain trees or even in the skin of grapes. Tannin is the result of maceration and is now one of the essentials in the world of hair cosmetics.

Why we're going to want to adopt tannin smoothing

While it's hard to imagine that straightening can do our hair any good, tannin straightening could change our minds. Indeed, this smoothing is not intended to give us the smoothest hair, but to relax and soften our hair. This smoothing with vegetable substance hydrates and nourishes our hair effectively and will definitely change our life.

Although its final result may vary depending on our hair type, it is nevertheless suitable for all types. On curly or frizzy hair, this straightening will relax and shape our curls and thus give them the splendor they deserve. On hair that is already smoother, know that you will need barely three straighteners for straight hair.

Perform a smoothing with tannin according to the rules of the art

To achieve this smoothing, you will need gloves, a bowl, a comb, a hairdryer, and a straightener as well as a brush.

Step 1: Preparation

  1. Wash your hair twice with your classic shampoo and rinse with hot water
  2. Wring out your hair and dry it 80% with a hairdryer.
  3. Divide your hair into 4 parts without detangling them.

Step 2: Application

  1. In a ventilated room, mix the container of your product and pour it into a bowl
  2. Apply the product 1 cm from your scalp on relatively fine strands, starting with those near the nape of the neck.
  3. Comb your hair several times to ensure the product is evenly distributed
  4. Depending on your hair type, leave the product on for between 30 minutes and 1 hour.
  5. When rinsing, be sure to remove only 80% of the product. It is essential that some remain on your hair for straightening.

Step 3: Smoothing

  1. After rinsing your hair, dry it completely with a hairdryer.
  2. Divide your hair into 4 parts as in the first step.
  3. Run your very hot straightener over each strand 5 to 8 times, starting from the roots to the ends.
  4. Depending on the desired result, you can rinse directly and enjoy hydrated hair. You can also leave the product on your hair for 3 to 4 days by ironing a straightener until washing if you are looking for straight hair.
  5. To properly maintain your smoothing, opt for sulfate-free products.


Tannin smoothing

Tannin smoothing | Tanin Straightening: What If It Was The Secret To Healthy Hair?

Yes, against all odds, straightening is the key to healthy hair. Be careful not to overuse the straightening iron, which is not our hair's best friend.

For all natures

For all natures | Tanin Straightening: What If It Was The Secret To Healthy Hair?

This straightening really has everything to seduce us, because it is suitable for all types of hair. Regardless of our degree of curl, it will give us the best result.

Plant-based care

Plant-based care | Tanin Straightening: What If It Was The Secret To Healthy Hair?

We find the base of this miraculous treatment in grape skin and in certain trees, which gives us reassurance about the products we put on our hair. This plant care will change the life of our hair.

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