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Most Beautiful Haircuts And Hairstyles For (Very) Thin Hair


Do you have fine hair? Then these haircuts and styling tips are particularly good for you because they conjure up the volume and are very trendy.

Most Beautiful Haircuts and Hairstyles For (Very) Thin Hair
We show the best hairstyles for thin hair.

If you have fine hair, you should say goodbye to the dream of a long mane like Meghan Markle, Jennifer Lopez, or Julia Roberts. But you shouldn't be sad about it, because, with the right hairstyle, the right care - and our styling tricks, your thin hair will look particularly great.

Best haircuts for fine hair

Everything stands and falls with the right haircut, which is why you should really only entrust your hair to professionals. They know how to quickly make more out of little.

1. Long Bob

1. Long Bob | Most Beautiful Haircuts and Hairstyles For (Very) Thin Hair
1. Long Bob | Most Beautiful Haircuts and Hairstyles For (Very) Thin Hair
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Unfortunately, long hair is not suitable for thin hair. The longer the mane, the heavier it is and the weight will flatten your hair down even more. Medium-length hair is the maximum. It's a good thing that bob hairstyles are all the rage right now.

Tip: You should never wear fine hair straight, conjure up light waves with a curling iron. Here, the larger the rod, the more beautiful beach waves there are. They conjure up the volume in thin hair.

2. Chin-length bob: The ideal hairstyle for very thin hair

The bob, which is one step shorter, is also perfect for thin hair. Wear this haircut best with a deep side parting. The side parting ensures that the hairline is voluminous. If you prefer to part in the middle, then you should definitely use a curling iron again and add volume to your hair with light waves.

Tip: The sleek look also looks great with a short bob. When all the hair has been gelled back tightly against the head, you can no longer tell whether it is flat hair or a full head of hair!


3. Pixie cut

The big advantage of thin hair is that every short hairstyle looks extremely great with it. Thin hair is more supple and therefore easy to style. Cuts for short hair are anything but unsexy or unfeminine.

You have to get rid of the idea that only long hair and thick hair are signs of femininity. A short hairstyle like the pixie cut, in particular, brings out the best in the face and fine features. That looks gorgeous...let's just say, Audrey Hepburn!

3. Pixie cut | Most Beautiful Haircuts and Hairstyles For (Very) Thin Hair

Haircuts for (very) thin hair: the three no-gos

  1. Length
  2. Stages
  3. Pony

Fine hair should be worn short or at most medium long, because the longer it gets, the more it hangs down. Also, thin hair tends to break off as it grows longer. The result is unsightly frayed and unkempt tips. When cutting your hair, you should therefore make sure that no layers are cut into your hair. Layers give the top coat more volume, but also ensure that the tips are thinned out even more. The situation is similar to the pony. It only makes the front part look extremely thin.

In addition to the haircut, you can also get a lot out of the right hair color. Blonde highlights give the hair more depth and make it look fuller.

Styling tips for very fine hair

  1. Except for a short hairstyle, the top rule for fine hair is: blow dry with a round brush. The brush lets the hair - strand by strand - look full.
  2. Tying your hair back after washing is counterproductive.
  3. The handling of brush and hairdryer is not very easy, if you have two left hands you can blow dry your hair over your head. Even so, it ends up looking full and voluminous.

A dry shampoo, which is applied to the scalp and thus conjures up the volume directly at the roots, is an absolute must-have for thin hair. It also prevents over-washing, which leads to dry hair.

Care tips: How to style thin hair?

If you don't like dry shampoo, you can also use a special hairspray for thin hair to add volume to the roots and make the hair structure more manageable. It also helps the hairstyle not "hang out" as quickly and lasts longer.

No matter what hairstyle (except for a short hairstyle): you always have to treat your hair with heat. Whether using a hairdryer or curling iron, the extreme heat damages the hair structure and causes the hair to break. Therefore, always use heat protection.

Not only with styling but also with care, you can trick and give your hair more volume with special care products. Therefore, always use a volume shampoo. In this way, you give very thin, fine hair what it needs in the first care step. Volume shampoos not only provide the necessary active ingredients and care for the scalp but also wrap themselves around each hair like an additional layer so that it has more distance to the others, which creates volume. This also applies to short hair, by the way.

Hairstyle tips for thin hair

Incidentally, fine hair has another advantage (apart from the fact that the most beautiful short hairstyles can be made with it): you can look forward to the first gray hairs. They not only have a different hair color, but also a different hair structure. They are not so fine and thin and give the hairstyle a little more grip.

The following three variants look very beautiful (and voluminous) on thin hair.

1. Hairstyle for thin hair: High ponytail

1. Hairstyle for thin hair: High ponytail | Most Beautiful Haircuts and Hairstyles For (Very) Thin Hair

Place the braid high on the head, do not comb the upper part of the hair straight, but pull out a few strands loosely - this creates fullness. If you want, you can cheat the ponytail thicker by putting a little helper in it.

2. Hairstyle for very fine hair: Tousled head

2. Hairstyle for very fine hair: Tousled head | Most Beautiful Haircuts and Hairstyles For (Very) Thin Hair
It doesn't matter whether it's a short hairstyle or a bob - everything that looks undone creates volume. A tousled pixie cut or a few messy beach waves make hair look fuller than it is.


3. Backcombed

3. Backcombed | Most Beautiful Haircuts and Hairstyles For (Very) Thin Hair

Even our grandmothers easily conjured up more volume with a single styling tool. If you brush up the top hair at the back of your head with a backcomb, then every bun or braided hairstyle looks twice as good.

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