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Do You Fancy A New Frize? Best Hairstyle Trends For Fall 2023 - Autumn New Season!


The best way to bring sun-stressed summer hair back into shape is with a decent haircut. So that the whole thing doesn't become as pragmatic as it sounds, it's best to bet on a new hairstyle trend for autumn 2021 at the same time. The new hairstyles are still influenced by the long lockdown phase in which we had to do without hairdressing salons. We have put together the most important hairstyle trends that the experts in the industry are forecasting for autumn 2021.

Do You Fancy A New Frize? Best Hairstyle Trends For Fall 2023 - Autumn New Season!
The bob (here backstage at Armani Privé) is also a hairstyle trend in all different variations in autumn 2021.

Everything new: These are the 5 most important hairstyle trends for autumn 2021 - according to experts

1. Natural structure and layers

By far the most important hairstyle trend - no matter how the hairstyle turns out - are structure and levels, even hard levels. Whether a French girl bob, a shag, or the trendy wolf cut - everything that gives the hair movement now looks trendy. Face framing layers are also popular in autumn 2021. Those who rediscover their natural hair structure and wear curls and waves as they grow are just as trendy and create the desired movement in their hair.

2. Outgrown ponies

This hairstyle trend developed in lockdown and is just so casual that we will also take it into fall 2021. Long pony variants such as curtain bangs and the French girl pony are very popular due to their versatility. In addition, with this pony, you don't have to go to the hairdresser all the time for trimming. After all, the outgrowth look is what defines this hairstyle trend.


3. Bobs in all varieties

The bob is such a straightforward hairstyle that it's actually a trend every season. In autumn 2021, however, it is not a certain version of the bob that is popular, but rather its uncomplicated image. The hairstyle trend has a trend factor with many levels that create volume. Bobs with a French flair are just as popular and easy. So a bit shorter and beveled in a classic way. The “Modern Diana Bob” is also very popular in autumn 2021.

4. Buzz Cut

If you really don't want to spend any more time with your styling, you can rely on the buzz cut in autumn 2021 and always look tidy with it. In addition, the raspy short hair is a real statement and not many people have the courage to dare this radical cut. Anyone who opts for this hairstyle trend should therefore expect to be the center of attention.

5. Shag

The shag has been by far the most popular hairstyle trend for several seasons and its popularity will continue to grow in fall 2021. The cut with the wild layers now exudes a lot of trendy 70s vibes and is extremely uncomplicated in terms of styling and maintenance. Curly hair and waves can be brought into a trendy shape with this hairstyle trend.

5. Shag | Do You Fancy A New Frize? Best Hairstyle Trends For Fall 2023 - Autumn New Season!
Isabel Marant (autumn/winter 2021/22).

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