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Hair: 6 Bad Habits That Damage It In Winter


Certain reflexes are not good to take in all seasons, especially when it comes to the health and beauty of our hair. Overview of bad habits that you absolutely must get rid of in winter.

Hair: 6 Bad Habits That Damage It In Winter

Going outside with wet hair

In winter, hair does not dry as quickly in the open air as in summer and if the laziness of drying it with a hairdryer can win us over, we must not forget that the latter takes us to face many concerns. capillaries. Indeed, wet hair is much more fragile than dry hair. Keeping them moist promotes the formation of knots and hair breakage. Wet hair is more porous and therefore also becomes more sensitive to external aggressions. So remember to dry them before going out!

Skipping the leave-in treatments

Just as the skin tends to become dehydrated with the ambient cold, the hair also dries out over the days in winter. They have greater hydration and nutrition needs, and leave-in treatments are becoming almost essential in addition to moisturizing masks and conditioners to rinse off during the wash. Oil, serum, cream… It's up to you to choose the galenic that suits you best to nourish and protect your hair, but don't skip your daily hair moisturizers.

Tie up your hair every day

If we can easily take the reflex of tying up our hair daily to avoid seeing them get dirty, become foamy under the effect of humidity or even electric with the friction of our scarves, sweaters, hats, and beanies, wear their hair always attached in the same way presents a certain risk of breakage. And the latter becomes all the more important when the hair is held in place by a very tight elastic. So remember to vary your hairstyles and detach your lengths from time to time to prevent these inconveniences. And if you continue to tie them regularly, adopt fiber-friendly elastics like those from Invisibobble which are designed to limit the pressure exerted on the hair.


Skipping food supplements

When fatigue causes the body to slow down, hair and nails are often among the first parts of the body to suffer. Hair that grows slower locks that lack tone and are damaged... If a balanced diet can help to counteract the phenomenon a little, we sometimes need a little boost from food supplements to preserve our hair health and the beauty of the hair. hair. Do not forget them once the seasonal fall and fatigue come to promote growth and their good health!

Shampoo every day

Between the rain, the wind, and the other bad weather of the season, the temptation is great to shampoo every day to find clean and sparkling hair. But beware of excess because even when it comes to washing, too much is not necessarily better than less. By repeating the daily washes, the hair tends to weaken. Therefore, prefer to space out the shampoos to avoid unnecessarily damaging your lengths.

Washing your hair with too hot water

If you are not one of those who forget to dry their hair, nor those who wash them too much, you may be using water that is far too hot to shampoo in winter. With the biting cold, it is not uncommon to wash with too hot water, including when it comes time to shampoo. A reflex that is not without consequences for our hair and scalp. Indeed, washed with hot water, the hair fiber tends to dry out as does the scalp, which can then become irritated and flaky. In addition, shampoo and care will not necessarily be well removed, and hair may, despite drying out, change the texture and appear more oily due to product residue. So be careful to use lukewarm water, but not too hot, to wash your hair in winter.

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