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Curtain Bangs For Round Faces: How To Wear And Maintain It?


How to wear them well with a round face?

Do you have a round face and want to lengthen your features? Adopt the curtain fringe! Perfect for all face shapes and easy to style and wear, it will look great on you.

Curtain Bangs For Round Faces: How To Wear And Maintain It?

Do you have beautiful plump cheeks, a rounded jaw, and are devoid of angular features? No doubt, you have a round face and it can sometimes seem difficult to find the perfect hairstyle made to sublimate this face shape. However, not only is it possible to find many hairstyles that are likely to suit you but in addition, bangs - and especially curtain bangs - are made for you! Curtain bangs are one of the easiest bangs to wear and style, and are suitable for (almost) everyone!

Hair tied up or down, whether you are blonde, brown, or red, whether you have the smoothest hair or the curliest and kinky mane, curtain bangs are for you! This trend straight out of the 70s is making a comeback on social networks and in hair salons and has many advantages. We guarantee that you will want to fall for this retro trend.

What are curtain bangs?

Curtain bangs, also called curtain bangs in English, are a bang style that was very popular in the 70s and made famous by Brigitte Bardot with her iconic voluminous hairstyles. These days, curtain bangs are coming back to the fore a lot and going up in trends, especially on Instagram and Pinterest where you can find more hairstyle ideas and lots of women's hairstyle inspirations. Zendaya, Sophie Marceau, Monica Bellucci… many stars have already fallen for this trend which is back in fashion. So why not go for curtain bangs too?

Curtain bangs are different from straight bangs: they refer to the way curtains are tied. Indeed, the curtain bangs separate into two long strands, most generally in the middle of the forehead, and starts on each side of the face, going up slightly to the level of the ends to create a rounded effect specific to the hairstyles of the 70s, in the manner whose curtains are placed around a window. It degrades on the outer sides and brings volume to your haircut, as well as maximum character to your face. The curtain fringe is tapered and can be worn in an unstructured, almost messy way, to accentuate the volume and the 70s effect. A way of playing it styled/disheveled, a style particularly appreciated by French women and that foreigners envy us.

What are curtain bangs? | Curtain Bangs For Round Faces: How To Wear And Maintain It?

The benefits of curtain bangs for round faces

The bangs can cheat on the length of the forehead, but not only! It also gives you the opportunity to rethink your face shape by playing with the angles. Curtain bangs will soften your facial features, looking away from your jawline and lengthening them to give the illusion of a more oval face. If the curtain bangs are worn most often on oval faces, it will suit all head shapes and especially the rounder ones. It is therefore perfect for you and your face shape!

Curtain bangs will look great on just about any hair type! From the straightest hair with straight hair to the most voluminous and thick-cut, including hair with simple waves ... Curtain bangs are perfect for everyone. It will bring volume to straight hair, highlight the lightest waves and go perfectly with the natural volume of the curls.

The good news, curtain bangs can also be worn with any hairstyle! From loose hair to ponytails and updos, your bangs will match the beauty look you've chosen to wear. Its length also allows you to hide it in a tied hairstyle if you don't want to wear it.

The disadvantages of curtain bangs for round faces

The first and main disadvantage of curtain bangs is the maintenance. Bangs, in general, take a lot of care, regardless of their shape and length. Go to the hairdresser every month to cut the ends, take care of your lengths which are used more than the rest of the hair ... In short, if the curtain fringe does not require as much maintenance as a classic straight fringe, it requires everything even a lot of attention. Plus, if she doesn't look the way she's supposed to, she loses her illusion of a round face. Curtain bangs that are too long will weigh down your face, focusing the gaze not on the eyes, but on the jawline and your rounded features.

The disadvantages of curtain bangs for round faces | Curtain Bangs For Round Faces: How To Wear And Maintain It?


How to wear and style the curtain bangs when you have a round face?

When you have a round face, you should opt instead for short, tapered curtain bangs that will lengthen your features and focus on your eyes rather than your jawline. An open door to make-up focused on the gaze. If you are looking for cuts and hairstyles that will showcase your curtain bangs, you can always find great ideas and inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest.

To give shape, style, and volume to your curtain bangs easily and with a simple gesture, first, equip yourself with your straightener or your hairdryer. With the straightener, grab your bangs or just a few strands and smooth them in a rounded motion backward. Then let your locks fall on your forehead. Do the same thing with your hairdryer, brushing your locks back, but staying longer on the ends as you roll up to create that curly effect that goes up to the ends, unique to curtain bangs. Then let them fall gently on the forehead. You can add a touch of styling spray or hairspray to keep it all day long if you're worried about your bangs falling out and your hair losing its retro 70s style. And there you have it, a Brigitte Bardot-style curtain fringe, effortlessly (or almost)!

How to wear and style the curtain bangs when you have a round face? | Curtain Bangs For Round Faces: How To Wear And Maintain It?

How to maintain your bangs when you have a round face?

Like all bangs, the curtain bangs can be resized at an experienced hairdresser. Do not play Edward for cash at home. Go to the salon where you can receive expert advice from an expert with whom you will establish the shape and length of the curtain bangs of your dreams. Then go back to it every now and then to cut it if you feel the need to.

We know it and you surely know it too, when we have bangs - unless you have perfectly straight hair that obeys the finger and the eye - we have to style it and give it shape, in particular by using devices. heaters (hairdryer, curling iron, or straightener). You will therefore need to adopt a new beauty routine to take care of your new trendy best friend.

As low as the temperature can be on your heaters, they use - as the name suggests - heat so you will be straining your hair from your curtain bangs. The lengths and ends can quickly deteriorate. It is therefore necessary, as a first step, to anticipate the use of heat with a thermo-protective product, such as a spray or a specific cream, which protects your hair from the harmful effects of heat by creating a protective veil. After using your heating device, you will have to opt for a nourishing or repairing treatment, such as oil, to nourish the most weakened ends.

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