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This Silk Turban Ensures Beautiful Hair Overnight


We use conditioners, treatments, masks, and oils to ideally care for our hair. But this ingenious silk turban does it all by itself - overnight.

This silk turban ensures beautiful hair overnight

This turban is awesome.

When it comes to hair care, the possibilities are almost limitless. There are countless products and it is easy to lose track of them. Cures, masks, serums, and oils are supposed to nourish our hair with moisture and make it shiny. But if you don't have time for these care methods, there is a quick and immediate overnight solution!

That's why we wear silk turban at night

You have probably heard of the fact that a silk pillowcase takes care of your hair. Don't you have any silk covers? No problem, because the silk turban actually works the same way. An additional plus point: it encloses the entire hair. In addition, the pretty care accessories can do a lot more. The soft and gentle turbans care for our hair in a variety of ways, no matter what hair structure you have.

That's why we wear silk turban at night | This silk turban ensures beautiful hair overnight

Watch this video on Instagram to see how this is done.

They help prevent knots and protect the tips from split ends. Because of the silky material, the tips don't roughen up when they are turned at night and knots don't stand a chance either! In addition, the hair does not have to be washed as often as it is enclosed in the silk turban. This creates an even distribution of the oils that our scalp produces. So there are no more dry tips and no greasy roots. At the same time, the optimal distribution of the body's own fats works like a natural and nourishing conditioner treatment. And the laborious hair styling the next day is history. The hair is enclosed in the silk turban and the hairstyle remains in place. In addition, hair growth is promoted. The actual friction that hair experiences each night can inhibit growth. The hair, enclosed in a silky turban, is no longer exposed to friction.

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