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These Hairstyles Will Help With Oily Hair


Does your hair tend to grease quickly? These hairstyles will help make unwashed hair look more manicured.

These hairstyles will help with oily hair

Mit unseren 5 Frisuren-Tipps müssen Sie sich keiner Sorgen mehr um fettige Haare machen!

Oily hair? These hairstyles hide it!

Daily shampooing damages the hair in the long term and so on some days we simply have to sit out greasy hair. But that doesn't mean you have to look unkempt. We have 5 trendy hairstyles for you that hide oily hair.

Do you have to go a little faster in the morning or you don't want to stress your hair so much with washing? These hairstyles are the solution for a beautiful mane despite greasy hair. Some of them can be done quickly, others require a certain amount of dexterity.

1. Beautiful despite unwashed hair with the "Dutch Braid"

1. Beautiful despite unwashed hair with the `Dutch Braid` | These hairstyles will help with oily hair

If you can invest a little more time, a braided hairstyle is a perfect solution for masking a greasy approach. The "Dutch Braid" is particularly suitable, in which the upper section of the hair is also braided.

For this, a straight part is drawn and the hair lengths are divided into two halves of equal size. Now take a relatively large strand in the middle of one half and divide it into three equal parts. The less hair you use for this, the finer the braided pot will be in the end.

Now braid the strands and take new sections of hair from the side into the braid with each new braid. Repeat the same thing on the other side so that you have two braids. You can leave these as they are or tie them together for a more elegant hairstyle and secure them to the back of the head with bobby pins.

2. Neat with the "sleek" ponytail

2. Neat with the `sleek` ponytail | These hairstyles will help with oily hair

Sometimes the ponytail isn't the most optimal solution for unwashed hair. There is a little remedy, especially if the hair is very greasy. However, if you take it a bit to the extreme and style in the "sleek look", the greasy approach can be repurposed into an intended result.

To do this, you should comb the hair strictly backward and pull it back into a ponytail. One strand should be removed as it will be tied around the beginning of the braid later. Now secure your hair with a thin hair elastic in the color of your hair. The skipped strand is now wrapped several times around the beginning of the hairstyle and fastened with a thin bobby pin. For a perfect finish, you can use gloss spray, which perfects the "sleek look".

3. When it has to be done quickly: the topknot

3. When it has to be done quickly: the topknot | These hairstyles will help with oily hair

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This hairstyle is for everyone who overslept or doesn't want to spend time on elaborate styling. For the knot, it is recommended to braid the hair in a loose braid at night. This makes the bun appear more voluminous and the hair is easier to style the next day.

Before knotting, the hair can be sprayed with dry shampoo. The hair looks fresher and the hairstyle lasts longer. Now the hair is divided into two halves and knotted together several times. The knots are now fastened with bobby pins and hairspray. With the height of the bun, you can vary depending on your preference. You can pull a few strands out of the knot for a "messy look".


4. Elegant and playful with a high braid

4. Elegant and playful with a high braid | These hairstyles will help with oily hair

As with the "Sleek" ponytail, the hair is fastened relatively high up on the head with a hair tie. The incorporated braids make this look a bit more playful than the strict look of the "sleek" hairstyle.

After you've attached the ponytail, there are several different braiding techniques that you can choose from. It is up to you whether it is classic with three strands or, as with the herringbone braid, with four strands. For a modern look, you can braid the hairstyle loosely and then pull out a few strands.

5. For the experienced: the braid crown

Those who already have a little practice in braiding can try the crown of the head. This hairstyle requires a little more patience, but it also looks especially beautiful!

An accurate center part is pulled for the pigtail crown. Now take the front strand and divide it into three parts. This is braided close to the head and a strand is added with each braid. A comb that neatly separates the strands can also be helpful for this. The hair is braided up to the tips so that a thin braid rests on the rest of the hair. The same thing is repeated on the other side and the two braided braids are attached to the head in a "messy bun" with bobby pins.

You already have oily hair after washing it: here's what you can do about it!

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