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Polar Blond Tie And Dye: All You Need To Know About This Coloring


The polar blonde tie and dye is a trend that we are seeing less and less. Yet this color was everywhere a few years ago. Do you want to bring this trend up to date by opting for a polar blond tie and dye? We tell you everything about this color!

Polar Blond Tie And Dye: All You Need To Know About This Coloring

Tie and dye is a color trend that we see less and less. Yet she was on everyone's mind a few years ago. Do you want to adopt this color? We give you the advice to achieve it and to help you in your reflection before the big hair change. You can find inspirations and hairstyles on social networks like Pinterest or Instagram, with opinions to help you take the plunge and adopt the polar blonde tie and dye.

What is polar blond tie and dye?

Polar blonde tie-dye is a very light blonde, platinum-like, almost white hair color that is layered down from the lengths to the ends where the color appears much lighter. While it may look similar to ombre hair, polar blonde tie and dye is much more pronounced: the start of the color is clearly visible, while the transition from ombre hair is much more subdued. The tie and dye is also different from the balayage that is done on a few strands. Tie and dye is in fact carried out on all the hair from the lengths to the ends. Where the balayage offers an effect of reflections, the tie and dye, on the other hand, reveal a homogeneous color on the ends and leaves the roots natural.

The polar blond tie and dye, like all tie and dye, displays a transition located on the lengths: halfway up, or higher towards the roots without touching them, or even closer to the ends. It requires more maintenance than other colors. You will need to apply suitable products to keep this pretty color cool and without unwanted reflections, including a purple shampoo. Also, consider using nourishing care on the ends.

Polar blond tie and dye, for whom?

You can wear this color on all hair colors. The gradient will stand out much more on dark hair colors like brown, dark chestnut, or even black. And, on the contrary, the gradient will be much less marked on naturally light colors such as blondes (platinum, light blond, dark, or ash blonde) or even light brown.

How to make a polar blond tie and dye?

It is best to entrust your coloring to a hairdresser because it is a complicated hair color to achieve yourself. He.she will have to find the perfect blend to create this very light, almost white color among the other blondes. You can work with it to determine where you want the start of the blonde color to appear. He will give you advice on the care to apply afterward, and his opinion on the best hairstyle to adopt to highlight this color. He will also recommend the best suitable hair care, shampoo, and conditioner to use afterward to care for the hair.

If despite everything, you prefer to change your head yourself at home, you can buy a coloring kit in supermarkets. You will need to go through the discoloration box to be able to display the blonde color on your hair. But be careful, home bleaching presents a greater risk of yellow reflections that can distort the polar blonde and leave a less natural look.

To achieve the oxidation coloring (which discolors) apply the product starting from the tips and work up to the limit where you want the transition to your natural color to be. The tie and dye is much more marked on the ends than the lengths, so you have to start by applying the product well to the ends and spread it gradually upwards, going up with your hands for a more natural effect. However, remember not to spread the coloring too much to mark the color change because this is the whole principle of tie and dye!

Then leave the coloring for the time indicated. Rinse with a suitable shampoo. It is possible to see some hairs in the bathtub during rinsing: the bleaching/coloring process is a very aggressive process for the hair. So remember to detangle your hair delicately when you are in the shower. Then dry the hair, if possible without a heater, so as not to cause further damage to your freshly colored hair.

After drying your hair, apply a treatment all over the hair. Use purple shampoos to keep your polar color as long as possible without it turning yellow.

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