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Hair: What Cut To Adopt After 70 Years, When You Have Glasses?


With age, should you automatically cut your hair? Which cut would go best with glasses? Here are some trendy haircuts ideas and some tips.

Hair: What Cut To Adopt After 70 Years, When You Have Glasses?

Does being 70 or over mean that you have to give up your cravings for long hair and go through the hair color box? No! If you really want a little change, first know that there are no rules defining what hairstyle you should adopt according to your age. It is above all a matter of taste. A haircut is chosen mainly according to the shape of the face, the nature of the hair, and its own personality. But when you wear glasses, you want the hairstyle to match this accessory. Here are some ideas and tips for getting inspiration before calling your hairdresser to make an appointment. Whether you like modern, classic, daring, or understated cuts, there is something for every style.

Do we always say no to the long haul?

Well not necessarily! The old belief that a woman should say goodbye to her long mane and the hairstyles that go with them past a certain age does not apply in all situations. "You can keep your hair long, but you have to style it. The brushing becomes automatic, to give a nice mass and volume", explains Sullivan Brisset, a hairdresser at Lucie Saint-Clair in Bordeaux. "You have to maintain them, with a contribution of color: a balayage or a very light color. You can also wear them long and natural, but you need a very structured hairstyle and always styling." Same speech from Laurie Zanoletti, hairstylist/colorist in Paris: "It's not because you're a certain age that long hair becomes prohibitive. White or gray hair below the shoulders is very chic! No matter how old you are, you can have long hair. It depends on each person. " It must be said that with the length, the choices of hairstyles are multiple.

The good idea? We focus on clean lines, a mid-length gradient for example. On the other hand, if you have a large spectacle frame, you avoid adding too much volume to the sides of the face. Conversely, we put everything on the back part of the head.

The example we like to follow? Meryl Streep! At 72, the star wears the long hair and glasses combo wonderfully! She let her white hair take precedence over her base color and the effect is stunning. When it comes to glasses, the actress is never discreet, proving to everyone that women aged 70 and over can mix ultra-stylish frames and long manes.

Caring for mature hair

From a certain age, the hair weakens and becomes thinner. It requires special maintenance: some products will improve their quality, such as shampoos and treatments with hyaluronic acid, which will promote volume and improve texture. "There are anti-hair loss treatments like blisters or internal treatments like dietary supplements. After that, it's not really magic but it helps," adds Sullivan Brisset.

Laurie Zanoletti's little tip for giving hair volume? "You can add a spray at the root level when drying to shape the hair. It will give a slightly thicker optical effect and strengthen the fiber."

What if we let ourselves be tempted by a bob-cut?

"Obviously, if you have thin hair and a certain age, it is better to cut it a little shorter because there is less material. Each hair has a different character so you have to adapt", explains Laurie Zanoletti. The solution? Turn to the square, or bob cut, very trendy in recent years. There are several ways to adopt it, but there is still a good compromise between the very short hairstyle and the shoulder-length hair. "I really like the bob cuts at the level of the neck. We open the neck and we avoid that the hair touching the shoulders because it is an in-between which is not very pretty and which tightens. A square in the middle of the shoulder. neck, it gives elegance and it enlarges", explains the hairstylist. To add a little modern twist, Sullivan Brisset recommends degrading the hair on the base "to give movement. It gives a fairly supple and natural result. You can add curtain bangs but it must be long, is that is to say at the level of the nose."

What if we let ourselves be tempted by a bob-cut? | Hair: What Cut To Adopt After 70 Years, When You Have Glasses?

For women with thick manes who wear glasses, going for the bob cut can be tricky. We thus make sure to clear the front of his face: "We can start with an inverted plunging bob, so that the gradient clears the face and that the hair goes naturally towards the back. Otherwise it eats the face", warns Sullivan Brisset.

The pixie cut, yes, but with style

The most daring women will be tempted by a pixie hairstyle, also known as a boyish cut, which is characterized by a short nape of the neck and bangs that dress the forehead. A bet that can prove to be a winner and give a little boost to the face in addition to a very modern look. For Laurie Zanoletti, "a 70-year-old woman who adopts the pixie cut, a bit like Léa Seydoux, it's sublime." When wearing glasses, she recommends styling a few strands forward. "For women who have a little look, we can afford a lot of things like a very structured and very flat bob. If we are classic, we can go for a very degraded pixie (or boyish) cut that will soften the look. face, ”adds Lucie Saint-Clair's hairdresser.

The pixie cut, yes, but with style | Hair: What Cut To Adopt After 70 Years, When You Have Glasses?


The bangs, good or bad idea?

Adopting bangs when wearing glasses is possible! The straight version should be avoided, however, in favor of a lighter version. "A curtain fringe swept a little to the sides why not. It will lean on the glasses and it will position itself on its own. It will give a nice movement," assures Sullivan Brisset.

The bangs, good or bad idea? | Hair: What Cut To Adopt After 70 Years, When You Have Glasses?

The style of bangs you choose also depends on the shape of your face: if you have a round head and glasses, Laurie Zanoletti advises you to simply avoid it. "Unless it's Brigitte Bardot bangs, it can be pretty. Again, it all depends on the physique: a middle-aged woman with curtain bangs and glasses can be really classy."

After 70 years, balayage or coloring?

After a certain stage of life, the hair turns white or gray. The ultimate question then arises: let them go with salt and pepper or opt for coloring? Make highlights or full color? The choice is tough, but rest assured: there is something for all styles. If the heart leans towards the natural, a sweep will soften the face, but there is a golden rule: "When I get older, I tend to go light rather than dark because it hardens enormously the features. A natural and shiny sweep will give a luminous side ", explains Laurie Zanoletti. For a guaranteed sun effect, we focus on lighter tones that will blend into the natural color. "If we do full color, we will do two different shades: in front of lighter highlights and the rest darker. If we do a balayage, we will accentuate it around the face, it blends very well with white hair. and it's very pretty, ”says Sullivan Brisset.

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