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Mustard Oil For Hair: It'S Benefits On Growth


An alternative to castor, coconut, argan, and nigella oils to treat the hair, do you like it? Discover mustard vegetable oil which heals and promotes hair growth!

Mustard oil for hair: its amazing benefits on growth, lengths, and dandruff!

Mustard oil for hair: its amazing benefits on growth, lengths, and dandruff! | Mustard oil for hair: It's benefits on growth

What is mustard oil?

Mustard is not just a smart condiment to enhance the taste of our food, it is also a plant from which it comes and from which it borrowed not only its name but also its seeds (which we still sometimes notice all around in the texture of mustard when it is old-fashioned). Once considered a bad seed in gardens (we took it for a weed) mustard is, like many plants elsewhere, a natural ingredient that is for the greatest good to our beauty and more particularly to our hair...

It can be white, black, or brown, which means that mustard has several botanical names that you can find in the INCI list of your beauty products: Sinapis alba also sometimes called mustard for white mustard, brassica nigra which also appears. under the name of black mustard for black mustard, or Brassica juncea for brown mustard. But regardless of the color of the plant, the vegetable oil that is extracted from it is made the same and its properties remain much the same.

After flowering, the plant dies and then produces seeds. They are the ones that will be used to develop the famous hair care oil, generally obtained by cold pressing mustard seeds. Less known in Europe than other vegetable oils such as castor oil, coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, or even black seed oil which are very popular in the field of hair care, mustard oil is nevertheless an outstanding vegetable oil for hair care. It is also very popular in India and the Maghreb by women who have always used it to take care of their hair. So it's in your best interest to incorporate it into your hair beauty routine as hair oil if you want our opinion!

Yellow in color like many vegetable oils, mustard oil is rather thick and viscous and is distinguished from other oils by its atypical and pungent odor which reminds us of the condiment whose smell is said to rise to us. nose. But rest assured, it is quite possible to camouflage it by mixing it with other oils.

Benefits of mustard oil for hair

Naturally rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6, and 9) which give it very interesting nutritional properties as part of the care of all types of hair, but especially dry hair whose lengths are in the perpetual quest for nutrition, mustard oil is a nourishing vegetable oil that helps preserve the hydration of the hair fiber as well as its flexibility and shine. In short, it strengthens the hair and makes it beautiful and healthy.

It also contains vitamins A and E which are good antioxidants that protect the hair from external aggressions to protect it from their harmful effects, as well as beta-carotene which is essential for the assimilation of vitamin A by the body so that fiber can fully benefit from its benefits. An action that allows it to make the hair more resistant.

Mustard oil also contains zinc which is a trace element with an important role in the health and beauty of the hair because it contributes on the one hand to a good synthesis of keratin and collagen which are two constituent proteins of the hair. hair fiber that ensures healthy hair, on the other hand, fight naturally against the formation of dandruff thanks to its antiseptic action. This is particularly why it is not uncommon to find zinc in food supplements intended to beautify the hair or even to fight against hair loss.

This oil also has a high erucic acid content, a fatty acid whose long-chain structure allows mustard oil to offer a sheathing action on the hair fiber, which helps in particular to preserve the beauty of the lengths and hair. spikes.

But it is also and above all for its effect on the blood circulation that mustard oil is very appreciated for the realization of hair care because it is a natural vein tonic - that is to say, it strengthens the walls veins - which improves blood circulation to the scalp. This toning effect, which promotes a sufficient supply of nutrients to the hair follicles, not only makes it possible to grow healthy hair but also to stimulate hair growth to fight against hair loss or quite simply to make hair grow faster. if you don't have a hair loss problem.

As you can see, the list of benefits of mustard oil for hair is long! And its modes of use are also quite numerous.

Benefits of mustard oil for hair | Mustard oil for hair: It's benefits on growth

How to use mustard oil for hair?

Mustard oil having a slight heating effect during use, it can be irritating to the skin of the scalp, which is why it is recommended to always use it diluted in another more neutral vegetable oil which allows benefiting from its virtues gently.

In an oil bath to strengthen the hair

This is the most suitable use of mustard oil if you just want to fortify your hair by providing it with deep care for dull, fragile or fine, dry, or damaged hair.

Our fortifying oil bath recipe with mustard oil:

In massage oil on the scalp to stimulate growth

This is the treatment to favor if you want to slow down your hair loss and/or stimulate growth because your scalp will thus benefit in addition to the action of the massage, which also promotes good blood circulation and thus amplifies the beneficial effects of mustard oil. In this case, too, it is advisable to dilute the mustard oil in at least one other more neutral oil before applying it by massage.

Our opinion: it is in your interest to opt for other vegetable oils known to promote hair growth in order to best stimulate their growth rather than choosing simply nourishing oils.

Our scalp care oil recipe:

Repeat this scalp treatment which is happy to extend the lengths once every two weeks to benefit from its beneficial effects on hair growth.

As a hair mask to fight against dandruff

To eliminate dandruff, the mask to leave on after shampooing is a very good option. You just need to make a homemade one and it treats the problem of dandruff in addition to nourishing your hair.

Our anti-dandruff hair mask recipe:

Your scalp should be cleansed and rid of unsightly dandruff.


Where to buy mustard oil?

Mustard oil can be bought in specialized stores but also more simply online on the internet. You can find it at expert brands of vegetable oils and natural raw materials for the realization of DIY treatments such as Aroma-Zone, Waam, or even Mycosmetik which offer many vegetable oils and organic essential oils, some of which are quite rare. In fact, we always advise you to opt for organic vegetable oils when you plan to use them in your beauty routine and apply them to the skin of your face or body, or to your hair or scalp. This ensures that the plant used to produce the vegetable oil you are going to use has not been chemically treated. But the best is still to opt for a pure organic oil to be sure that no chemicals could be added to it to transform it after the seeds have not been cold-pressed.

Precautions for using mustard oil

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