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Thin Hair: 9 Easy Expert Tricks That Will Make Thin Hair Look Thicker


9 easy expert tricks that will make thin hair look thicker...

Celebrity hairstylist Luke Hersheson reveals the tricks and products with which thin hair can easily appear voluminous.

Thin Hair: 9 Easy Expert Tricks That Will Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

This gives thin hair more volume

Is your hair lacking in volume? Then you've come to the right place. While some have naturally voluminous hair, others get frustrated because they lack volume. In order to give the hair curl and strength (without weighing it down), the aim is to create the illusion of thickness, even if it is difficult to come by in reality. We spoke to hairstylist Luke Hersheson - who works with all the celebrities from Dua Lipa to Victoria Beckham - to learn about the tricks he uses to make thin hair look thicker, quickly.

1. Don't rely on shampoo and conditioner for thin hair

You'd think that full hair starts with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, but Luke Hersheson believes that what matters more is what you don't do at this stage. "Using the wrong conditioner or using too much of it can weigh hair down and feel flat, which can make it appear thinner", he says. "I would advise against hair masks and heavy conditioners to maintain volume and body."

2. A good haircut is what counts

The key to hair that looks as thick as possible? A good haircut is the foundation of any type of styling. You need a shape and a graphic cut first, otherwise it's a bit like a building with no foundation - and badly trimmed hair can't defy gravity because the weight pulls it down, "says Luke Hersheson. Without that foundation, you can use any product or styling tool, however good, and still struggle to create volume.

3. Ask for shorter games

Whether you are styling longer bangs or a few tiers around your face, shorter hair in the front part of your hairstyle can also help make your hair look thicker: "This increases the feeling of thickness as opposed to something flat, sleek and Curtain-like, "says Hersheson.


4. Use "hair fillers"

"It's common to struggle with thinning hair on the temples and sides of your head, especially as you get older. Hairpieces - or extensions on the sides - can help thicken the hair a little," says Hersheson. Inconspicuously placed hairpieces are very subtle and don't have to look like the obvious extensions that have a rather bad reputation. According to Hersheson, numerous stars wear them on the red carpet "without you noticing".

5. Change your parting

A quick and easy trick for adding volume is to change the parting and brush the hair over to the other side: "Think Kim Basinger with her big flick-over", says Hersheson. "A center part always makes hair look flatter - parting the side the other way is an easy way to add body."

6. Tease the hair at the parting

Do you still remember the teasing? This age-old technique is very useful for making the roots look fuller, says Hersheson - but not the old-fashioned way with a comb: "Take a mixed-bristle brush, hold the hair up, and pull the brush just behind it Approach at the top of the head down - this creates a Brigitte-Bardot effect and helps frame the eyes", he says.

7. Find the right product for your hair

A new generation of hair mousse can give the roots more volume, lift them up, and set them in place. It makes the hair swell and thickens it, giving it strength and hold without sticking together.

8. Blow-dry upwards

When blow-drying your hair, be sure to direct the airflow below the hairline and up, rather than blow-drying down from the top of your head: "It's the little things like this that make a real difference", says Hersheson.

9. Experiment with color

Well-placed highlights and color in general can add dimension to hair. "As soon as you add texture or contrast to it with color, you see more depth, and that can create the illusion of thickness", says Hersheson. "That works well by adding very subtle, different tones."

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