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3 Tips To Make Hair Grow Faster And Healthier


Despite all the new hairstyle trends, long, healthy hair is still one of the ultimate ideals of beauty today. In the last few seasons, in particular, long hair has seen an upswing as a beauty trend and is synonymous with a natural look. The good news: Anyone can grow healthy, long hair. We reveal how it works step by step.

Long hair beauty trend: With these tips, hair grows back faster and healthier

Long hair beauty trend: With these tips, hair grows back faster and healthier | 3 Tips To Make Hair Grow Faster And Healthier
For everyone: the dream of long, flowing hair can come true. We reveal how you can grow your hair healthy and strong - here.

Long hair beauty trend: With these 3 tips, hair grows back faster and healthier

1. Give the scalp extra care

A healthy scalp is the most important starting point for healthy and strong hair to grow back. Therefore, the scalp should be given special care. When shampooing, simply insert a wash cycle just for the scalp and treat it to a massage. It is important that it is well cleaned and stripped of old skin cells, oil, and environmental influences so that healthy roots can grow back. If the sebum glands of the scalp are blocked or unclean, this has a damaging effect on the hair roots. Products with vitamin C and other antioxidants are particularly beneficial for the scalp. Exfoliating can also remove dirt and old skin cells from the scalp. The following applies here: the healthier the scalp, the more resilient and stronger the hair.


2. Put on a healthy diet

A healthy diet is just as important for beautiful hair as it is for the skin. Proteins and good carbohydrates are essential for strong hair. You should therefore include fish, eggs, lean meat, and quinoa in your diet. Complex carbohydrates like whole grains and oatmeal ensure that the hair roots get the energy they need to grow. Iron is also important to strengthen hair, which can be found in green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli. Here you can also rely on dietary supplements. Supplements that contain biotin, zinc, and vitamin B12 are just as good. Vitamin D (found in green lettuce and kale) and vitamin E (found in almonds and avocados) also promote healthy hair growth.

3. Put on the right hair products

It is important that the hair does not break during the growth process. That is why the right products are particularly important. For example, pre-shampoos help to provide the hair with sufficient moisture and strengthen its elasticity. Repair products also counteract brittle hair and ensure that it can continue to grow healthy and shiny.

4. Brush the hair properly

Not only the right technology is important, but also the right tool. Investing in a high-quality brush is therefore worthwhile. You should opt for models with soft bristles made of natural hair or nylon, which ensure that the hair does not lose its natural oils when brushing. When brushing, always start with the tips and then slowly work your way up. Never start at the roots, as this can create friction that can lead to brittle hair.

5. Have tips cut regularly

You should have the tips cut at the hairdresser's at least every three months without actually reducing the length. This prevents split ends and ensures that the hair stays healthy right up to the tips. If split ends grow out, the hair will sooner or later simply break off.

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