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Detox Very Easy - 5 Things That We Can Do In Everyday Life To Detoxify The Body

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Spring is the best time of year to detoxify the body, regain new energy and develop habits that can make us feel better on all levels.

We are at the perfect time to do a spring detox and incorporate good habits into our daily lives to remove toxins from our bodies, facilitate the elimination of fats, and renew our energies. As the experts in energetic medicine and nutrition at the SHA Wellness Clinic explain, spring is the best time of year to detoxify and restore the body. The heavy foods we normally eat in winter and the toxins that have built up in recent months should be removed from our diet in spring. And not just because of the physical benefits of regulating this buildup of toxins that occurs in our bodies during the cold months, but also because of the emotional benefits it brings. As Philippa Harvey, a specialist in traditional Chinese medicine at SHA Wellness, explains, another indicator that our body needs a detox process is usually the fact that we react quickly to irritation. This may indicate that we have certain imbalances in the liver, the most important organ in the detoxification process.

Detox very easy - 5 things that we can do in everyday life to detoxify the body

In order to carry out such a process, it is sufficient to introduce small changes in our everyday life and to acquire new habits. María Romeralo, a nutrition expert at Sha Wellness, gives 5 tips to detoxify your body now.

1. Homemade Gomasio

Little is known about Gomasio and its benefits for the intestines. The salt and sesame mix is ​​an excellent alternative to incorporate into our diet when starting a detox. "Gomasio is an alkalizing spice and helps our digestion if we take it in the right amount (one teaspoon per meal). It's delicious and strengthens our digestive system," says Maria. You can buy it prepared in herb stores or you can make it yourself. How? "You start by heating a pan with no oil, then add sesame seeds and stir constantly to keep the seeds from burning. Next, add the salt and keep stirring the mixture. The gomasio mixture is ready when it is toasted smells and the seeds are easy to crush with your hands. Then you need a Suribachi (Japanese mortar) to crush the sesame seeds and get a kind of fine powder. The gomasio can be added to salads, vegetable creams, rice, and vegetable dishes, for example," explains the expert.

2. Whole grain barley to cleanse the liver

The consumption of whole-grain barley also supports the detoxification process. As the Sha Wellness nutritionist explains, "It helps cleanse the liver and gallbladder. Both organs are involved in the digestion of fats. By detoxifying the liver, we help break down body fat," she explains. You can add a few tablespoons of already cooked whole-grain barley to vegetable soups or use the grains to make salads or risotto.

3. Hot towel massages

Massaging the body with hot towels is also another detoxification measure that helps us activate the circulatory and lymphatic systems. "Body scrubs are energizing, improve the appearance of our skin and stimulate the metabolism. They can be done in the morning to increase energy from head to toe - or in the evening to lower energy. Prepare a bowl of hot water. Soak a cotton towel, wring it out and rub it vigorously over your body in circles.


4. Sour flavors

Acid flavors serve to relax the liver and help purify the body, so it is advisable to incorporate vinegars such as umeboshi into our food. Radishes are also beneficial as they revitalize the functions of the liver. You should also replace refined salt with Maldon salt or unrefined sea salt to reduce the sodium content in your diet.

5. Eat something hot or spicy before something cold

Eating raw or undercooked foods is another pillar of detox rituals. However, Sha Wellness advises not only reducing baking and increasing consumption of steamed foods, but also eating raw foods, but preferably with something hot or spicy in front of it, to avoid bloating and difficult digestion caused by raw foods can.

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