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Vintage Hairstyles: 12 Most Beautiful Ideas For Styling


Looking for pretty vintage hairstyles? We show the most beautiful hairstyles of the 50s and 60s in a modern interpretation.

Vintage Hairstyles: 12 Most Beautiful Ideas For Styling
Vintage hairstyles: from classics to modern interpretations...

Vintage hairstyles: that's why we love the hairstyle trend

Vintage hairstyles are one of the big hairstyle trends of the 2000s. The special retro hairstyles from the 50s and 60s were not only popular back then. To this day, many women still wear Victory Rolls and perms, inspired by the great divas of the time. Pure glamor! Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn are just three of the great Hollywood icons who inspire us then as now with their femininity and elegance. No wonder we still love her retro hairstyles to this day.

Which updos and hairstyles were popular in each era and how can you recreate the pretty vintage hairstyles? We show you all pictures, ideas, and instructions here. After the classics, we'll also show you how great vintage hairstyles can look interpreted in a modern way. Have fun with the styling!

50s vintage hairstyles

Marilyn Monroe hairstyle

Marilyn Monroe hairstyle | Vintage Hairstyles: 12 Most Beautiful Ideas For Styling
Beautiful! Marilyn Monroe's vintage hairstyle...

In the 1950s, there was no better-known actress than Marilyn Monroe. The pretty blonde first set out for Hollywood as a model and young actress and became the most popular film actress of her time. Her style became world-famous. The distinctive brows, the full lips, the short blond curls - who doesn't know them? The iconic retro look still wows women today, so her vintage hairstyle is a must-have on our list. The popular Marilyn Monroe hairstyle is particularly easy to style with medium-length and short hair.

Marilyn Monroe Hairstyle: The Tutorial

  1. Twist curlers into small strands of freshly washed hair and pin them on the head.
  2. The curlers can either dry out overnight with sleep curlers or with the heat of a blow dryer.
  3. After drying, remove the curlers or sleep curlers from the hair, gently loosen the strands with your fingers and shape the resulting curls.
  4. Hairspray can be used to keep the volume throughout the day.
  5. If you don't like curling in curlers, you can blow-dry the voluminous curls into your hair with a hot airbrush.


Grace Kelly hairstyle

Grace Kelly hairstyle | Vintage Hairstyles: 12 Most Beautiful Ideas For Styling
So elegant! Grace Kelly's vintage hairstyle...

In addition to Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Princess Grace of Monaco, also became a style icon in the 1950s. Even the fashion label Hermès named a handbag made famous by the princess after her. In addition to the Kelly Bag, the princess’s silk scarf also became world-famous. Grace Kelly always wore her scarf on her hair, with the two ends crossed under her chin and knotted at the nape of the neck. This iconic Kelly style has also featured in many retro Hollywood films and remains one of the most popular vintage hairstyles for women to this day. But also their classic, light vintage waves were a hairstyle favorite of the 50s and became a symbol of elegance and grace. That's how it works:

Grace Kelly Hairstyle: The Tutorial

  1. Lay the hair in light waves using a flat iron, curling iron, or curler. Above all, the ends of the strands should be twisted and curled.
  2. For the loose, natural look of this vintage hairstyle, the waves are gently combed out with a comb so that they fall more easily.
  3. Placed in a center parting, the hair is now tied back with a headband, or the silk scarf is tied over it in a ladylike manner.

Vintage 60s hairstyles

Audrey Hepburn hairstyle

Audrey Hepburn hairstyle | Vintage Hairstyles: 12 Most Beautiful Ideas For Styling
Iconic! The vintage hairstyle on Audrey Hepburn...

Until the 1960s, Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn, made famous by films such as "Breakfast at Tiffany’s", was the fashion and beauty role model par excellence. The British-Dutch actress was especially loved in the 1960s for her side bangs and updos. So retro! A vintage Audrey Hepburn style hairstyle may not be the easiest, but it's worth the effort. You can style the beehive hairstyle from the film "Breakfast at Tiffany’s" in just a few simple steps:

Audrey Hepburn Hairstyle: The Tutorial

  1. First, the hair is blow-dried with a round brush to create a nice volume.
  2. Now the hair is tied into a high, twisted bun, except for the front section, and fixed with bobby pins. A bun pillow can also be used for more volume.
  3. A strand can be placed around the bun as a finish and its end can also be pinned as invisibly as possible.
  4. The last strands are laid into side bangs and fixed with a little hairspray. A small tiara makes the Audrey Hepburn hairstyle perfect!

Brigitte Bardot hairstyle

Brigitte Bardot hairstyle | Vintage Hairstyles: 12 Most Beautiful Ideas For Styling
Sexy! The vintage hairstyle on Brigitte Bardot...

The actress Brigitte Bardot also became an icon for femininity in the 1960s. With her long, blonde hair and her curtain bangs, she was a role model for many women of her time. She also made the braid with bangs a hairstyle trend in the sixties. The Brigitte Bardot hairstyle is particularly suitable for women with long hair who also like to wear a ponytail from time to time. Everything you need for retro styling: the right haircut in shag cut and curtain bangs.

Brigitte Bardot hairstyle: the instructions

  1. The hair is blow-dried using a hot air brush and laid in large waves.
  2. The pony in particular gets a lot of volume and is also blown round with the hot airbrush. But the other way around: the strands are rolled up from the forehead and blow-dried. So they fall perfectly to the sides after blow-drying. A trick that TikTok fans have also discovered for themselves!
  3. The remaining hair can be given more body and shape with a structure spray and worn open or tied in a braid or ponytail.

Vintage rockabilly style hairstyles

Victory Rolls

Victory Rolls | Vintage Hairstyles: 12 Most Beautiful Ideas For Styling
So retro! The Victory Rolls to actress Rita Hayworth...

Another big topic in the 1950s: rockabilly. The style is mainly influenced by rock'n'roll, blues, and country music. A wild and casual attitude towards life spread from the southern states of the USA, which was also reflected in clothing and hairstyles. In addition to the famous petticoats, women also wore rockabilly hairstyles like in the film "Grease" with bangs, proper perms, and curls. The Victory Rolls and Bettie Bangs were also standard at the time. To this day, they are a solid symbol for the retro decades. The rockabilly hairstyles are easy to do yourself. That's how it's done:

Victory Rolls: The Guide

  1. For the Victory Rolls, you can use a curling iron to put your hair into small curls. To do this, slowly pull strand by strand through the curling iron so that well-shaped curls are created.
  2. Then both sections of hair to the right and left of the middle parting down to the pony section are twisted outwards and fixed with hairpins or small hair clips.
  3. Finally, the bangs follow, which are also turned up into a large curl and fixed with bobby pins.
  4. The whole thing can be rounded off with a bandana or a hairband, which is placed from bottom to top, i.e. from the neck to the head, and is knotted together there.
  5. The Victory Rolls can also look great with a braid or ponytail. For this, just individual strands or just the bangs are put into a roll.

In the video you can see how to do the Victory Rolls:

Bettie Bangs

Bettie Bangs | Vintage Hairstyles: 12 Most Beautiful Ideas For Styling
Vintage hairstyle: Bettie Page's famous pony...

Also very popular in rockabilly style: the Bettie Bangs. The nude model and mother of all pin-ups Bettie Page made hairstyling world-famous in the 1950s. By the way, Bettie Bangs means a short, U-shaped pony. It reaches about the middle of your forehead and is cut circular. When it comes to styling a pretty Bettie pony, all you need is a round brush, a comb, and hairspray so that everything fits perfectly.

Bettie Bangs: The Guide

Assuming you already have short bangs, styling your hair is pretty easy. Blow-dry your hair as usual and curl your hair in large curls if you don't already have enough volume.
The Bettie Bangs is what makes the curve. To do this, you have to shape your pony strands with a round brush and a hairdryer so that it looks nice and voluminous.
Again, a braid or a ponytail can work great!

This is how the cool Bettie Bangs are cut:


Pin-up rolls

Pin-up rolls | Vintage Hairstyles: 12 Most Beautiful Ideas For Styling
Vintage Hairstyles: The Pretty Pin-Up Rolls on Actress Betty Grable in 1944...

Pin-up girls were incredibly popular in 1950s America. With their special look, they not only enchanted men but also inspired generations of women after them. To this day, the pin-up style is popular. We still see the make-up and the pin-up hairstyles on many women to this day. There are also many pin-up elements in rockabilly, such as the pin-up rolls. Do you know the pretty little curls of the pin-up girls? A popular vintage hairstyle to this day!

Pin-up Rolls: The Instructions

For the pin-up rolls, the mousse is first put into the hair to give the little curls more hold in advance.
Then twist individual strands into small curls with your fingers and pinned them with bobby pins or hairpins. If this is too difficult for you, you can also use curlers to do the curls.
After drying, you can also loosen the curlers here and open the curls. By gently combing out the curls get a nice vintage look and fall a little looser and more voluminous.
The pin-up rolls don't have to take place all over the head, by the way. Depending on your preference, you can twist just the pony into a pony freak or the sides into pin-up rolls.

In the video you can see the simple instructions again:

Vintage hairstyles with a hairband

Incredibly popular with vintage hairstyles was and are a combination of headbands and bandanas. They are simply knotted into the hair in addition to Victory Rolls, Bettie Bangs, or pin-up rolls and fixed with bobby pins. They also go great with a braid or ponytail.

Modern vintage hairstyles

After seeing many classics, we are now curious to see what modern interpreted vintage hairstyles can look like. We looked around the streets of the fashion metropolises and found some hot candidates. In addition to many vintage hairstyles for short hair, there are also some exciting vintage hairstyles for long hair. Our favorites:

Vintage hairstyles for short hair

We still see vintage hairstyles for short hair in abundance today. The cool retro hairstyles are mainly characterized by an edgy look, curls, and perms. But gentle waves also bring the beloved vintage flair!

Vintage hairstyles for short hair | Vintage Hairstyles: 12 Most Beautiful Ideas For Styling
A modern vintage hairstyle in the style of the roaring 20s for short hair on Maria Bernad...

Singer Pink also loves the vintage look and has had the cool Victory Rolls twisted into her short hair. So beautiful!

Vintage hairstyles for short hair | Vintage Hairstyles: 12 Most Beautiful Ideas For Styling
Vintage Hairstyles: The Victory Roll on Singer Pink...

Even the cool pin-up curls can be interpreted in a modern way, as here at Bella Hadid on the fringes of Paris Fashion Week. She wears the laid curls very modern and cool. The make-up makes the modern vintage look perfect.

Vintage hairstyles for short hair | Vintage Hairstyles: 12 Most Beautiful Ideas For Styling
Modern! A vintage hairstyle on Bella Hadid...

Vintage hairstyles for long hair

Modern vintage hairstyles for long hair are also incredibly popular. This of course includes the curtain bangs, which half of TikTok loves at the moment. But also the shag cut, big curls, and lots of volume for Brigitte Bardot are back - see Heidi Klum!

Vintage hairstyles for long hair | Vintage Hairstyles: 12 Most Beautiful Ideas For Styling
Wow! A vintage hairstyle for long hair on Heidi Klum inspired by Brigitte Bardot...

Well, who recognizes the modern Victory Roll on actress Chloë Grace Moretz? Exactly! The curl is clearly vintage-inspired.

Vintage hairstyles for long hair | Vintage Hairstyles: 12 Most Beautiful Ideas For Styling
So cool! The Victory Roll interpreted in a modern way by Chloë Grace Moretz...

Headscarves also bring a vintage flair à la Grace Kelly to long hairstyles. Silk scarves have been a big hair accessory trend again since 2021. We love!

And now have a lot of fun re-styling!

Vintage hairstyles for long hair | Vintage Hairstyles: 12 Most Beautiful Ideas For Styling
A vintage silk scarf hairstyle is seen on the sidelines of Paris Fashion Week...

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