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Baby Hair: The #1 Trick To Taming It


Do you want to get your baby's hair under control? That is quite easy! We know the magic word: hair mascara.

Baby Hair: The #1 Trick To Taming It
Baby bears: this is how you can tame and style them.

You woke up with a tousled morning hairstyle and just can't get your wild baby hair under control? Welcome to my world! It's not just you and I who struggle with our fine hair every day. We all have it! The only difference that makes the difference between a curse and a blessing is the hair itself. Because depending on the structure and length of the hair, they sometimes cause more or less trouble. Anyone who tends to have frizzy or fine hair knows all too well the problems that baby hair brings with it. They can hardly be tamed and you really just want to get them away. Baby hair can even be very useful here. Would you like to know which No. 1 trick you can use to tame your baby hair? The solution: hair mascara! The baby hair mascara from got2be is one of the top sellers. With the transparent gel, you can easily comb your hair back.

What is baby hair?

Baby hair is the fine, regrowing hair on your hairline. You can recognize them by the fact that they are significantly thinner than your normal hair and grow around your forehead, behind the ears, and also in the neck. In science, this hair fluff is also called vellus hair. The vellus hair is on average 0.3 millimeters thick and is therefore significantly thinner and finer than normal hair (called terminal hair). Incidentally, vellus hair also includes the rest of your body hair such as arm hair, facial hair, or leg hair. They can also grow into longer and thicker terminal hair, especially at the hairline.

Is baby hair normal?

Yes, your baby hair is perfectly normal and even a good sign. Every single hair goes through a growth cycle in which the hair first grows new, then becomes stronger and longer, and finally falls out. Each of your hairs is in the so-called growth phase for around two to six years. So your baby hair will be with you for a long time. Having baby hair shows that your hair growth is working well. Your scalp is healthy and well supplied with blood. Your body has enough nutrients to produce new hair.

Is baby hair normal? | Baby Hair: The #1 Trick To Taming It
Baby hair is perfectly normal - and a good sign in fact.

Why do you have baby hair?

The body is constantly forming new hair. This includes facial hair as well as body hair. And that's how your body loses hair. An average of 80 to 100 hairs a day. To compensate for this hair loss, new ones are needed. And they also appear as fine hairs on the hairline, on the nape of the neck, and on your forehead.


Why doesn't baby hair continue to grow?

Baby hair doesn't grow forever either. The average growth phase lasts two to six years. During this time, the fine fluff can develop from delicate vellus hair to longer terminal hair, but that doesn't always happen. Sometimes the hairs stop growing during this time and fall out with the regression phase in which the hair follicles stop working. Hair breakage or a lack of nutrients can also prevent baby hair from growing.

What can you do about baby hair?

Baby hair is something completely normal and healthy. If you still want to do something about it, there are a few tricks you can use to tame and style them.

  1. Trick: hair mascara
  2. Trick: hand cream
  3. Trick: hairspray and/or hair gel
  4. Trick: water

Taming baby hair: how does it work?

Fine baby hair on the forehead or in the neck can be tamed with so-called baby hair mascaras. These mascaras compare well with the black mascaras we use for our eyelashes. However, the liquid is transparent. The flying hairs can easily be combed back with a small brush. The liquid gel will keep them in place. In this way, the baby hair is tamed and no longer flies around.

Styling baby hair: the hairstyle trend

Styling baby hair has now become a big hairstyle trend. Make-up artists around the world use hair mascaras to create artistic hairstyles. Which hairstyles are possible with it? We discovered pretty hairstyles on the catwalks of the world.

Styling baby hair: the hairstyle trend | Baby Hair: The #1 Trick To Taming It
Style baby hair.

Can you remove baby hair?

To get baby hair off your face, all you need is a fine brush (toothbrushes or old mascara brushes are okay too) and an adhesive such as hairspray, mascara, or even water. All you have to do is comb the fine hairs off your face and set them in place.

It is generally not advisable to remove baby hair, for example with wax. You shouldn't cut them off either. This will only create more problems for you!

Make baby hair grow faster

So that your baby hair grows faster, you can support it in the growth phase. Like any hair, baby hair needs good care and nutrients in order to grow. A healthy scalp is a be-all and end-all here. Care rinses, regular hair treatments, and scalp massages with hair oil (our tip!) Can be very helpful here, so that the short hair at the roots grows faster and becomes longer - without prior consultation.

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