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Gray Blending Is The Must-Have For Gray Hair


Gray hair is the eye-catcher of the season - and no longer a sign of weakness. Time to put it in the limelight with "Gray Blending".

Gray Blending Is The Must-Have For Gray Hair
Stars like Sarah Jessica Parker also rely on the trendy "gray blending".

For far too long we have invested time and money in over-dyeing our gray mane - but that is history! "Gray Blending" is the hair color trend in 2022 and perfect for those first gray hairs.

What is "Gray Blending"?

With "gray blending", the first gray highlights are set in the scene and mixed with conventional coloring techniques such as babylights and balayage so that the contrast to the gray hair does not appear too harsh. By lightening and darkening, the gray hair adapts naturally to the rest of the hair - gloss effects and a natural color gradient included!

"Gray Blending": The right care for gray hair

In order for the "gray blending" to come into its own, it needs special care. Even though you do not do any harmful coloring to your hair with Gray Blending. Gray hair is generally much more fragile than hair with pigments. The best thing to do is to go for products that add a lot of moisture to your hair. You should also use a hair mask twice a week. Products that are specially tailored to the needs of gray hair are of course best for this.

Who Does "Gray Blending" Like?

The good news first: The "gray blending" really suits every woman. So that you are really satisfied with the result, you should have the babylights colored by the hairdresser. A hairdresser can precisely assess which nuances suit you best and thus set your individual accents in cool or warm tones. Your natural hair color is not the only decisive factor here, the complexion, the color of the eyes, and the shade of the eyebrows should also match the "gray blending".

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