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Curling Without Heat: The 5 Best Tricks For Overnight Curling - Made Easy


Curling without heat - is that possible? And how! With these simple tips and tricks, you can conjure up beautiful curls without damaging heat and without great effort. The curls are created during sleep!

Going to bed in the evening with straight hair and waking up in the morning with princess-worthy curls? Sounds like a beautiful fairy tale, but is absolutely realistic with the right tricks for curls without heat. We'll show you what you have to do before going to bed so that you wake up the next morning a Sleeping Beauty with beautiful beach waves, glamorous waves, or wild corkscrew curls. With our styling tips, you can protect your hair from harmful heat, because thanks to them, curling irons, curlers, and straightening irons are a thing of the past.

5 brilliant tricks for curling curls without heat

Unfortunately, far too often we cause real damage to our beautiful hair through heat. Be it by blow-drying your hair, straightening it or curling it with straightening iron, or putting it in shape with hot curlers. As a result, our hair quickly dries out and becomes brittle - the result is split ends.

If you want to conjure up gentle waves, beach waves, or large curls in your straight or unruly hair, you don't have to constantly use drying heat. Instead, there are some beauty hacks for curls without heat that really do what they promise, are super light, and require little effort. We have summarized the best tips and step-by-step instructions for perfect curls while you sleep.

Beach waves without heat

Beach waves without heat | Curling without heat: the 5 best tricks for overnight curling - made easy
Instagram: @kenz.saltstrands

Beach waves are probably the easiest type of curl that you can conjure up without much effort, without heat, and in your sleep. This method is particularly suitable for extremely straight and fine hair, as it simultaneously provides more texture and grip. All you need for the beach look is a hair tie and sea salt spray.

This is how the Beach Waves succeed overnight

  1. Spray the sea salt spray into your hair until it is slightly damp.
  2. Braid damp hair into two braids before going to sleep and leave in place overnight.
  3. The next day, open the braids and loosen up the casual beach waves by running your fingers through your hair.
  4. If necessary, apply some mousse to the wavy hair so that the curls hold all day.

Big curls without heat, but with socks

Big curls without heat, but with socks | Curling without heat: the 5 best tricks for overnight curling - made easy

Big curls without heat, but with socks | Curling without heat: the 5 best tricks for overnight curling - made easy
Instagram: @justinemarjan

For large, casual curls, you no longer need huge curling irons or hot curlers that you laboriously twist into your hair. Instead, the viral beauty hack of the hour is called: sock curls! You can achieve beautifully curly hair without any heat, but with a pair of socks, which is wonderful. Depending on the length, density, and structure of your hair, you only need 4-6 socks, bobby pins, hair ties, and some hairspray to fix the curly hairstyle. This "curling without heat" method is perfect for thick hair.

This is how the curls work with socks overnight

  1. Divide your towel-dried hair into strands of equal size. Depending on how big your curls should be, you can vary the size of the strands.
  2. Secure the sock to the base of the strand with a bobby pin.
  3. Divide the strand in half and wrap it in a helix around the sock.
  4. Secure the ends with a hair tie.
  5. The next morning, loosen everything, loosen the curls with your fingers or a large-toothed comb and fix with hairspray.

Big curls without heat, but with socks | Curling without heat: the 5 best tricks for overnight curling - made easy
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Curling without heat: corkscrew curls

Curling without heat: corkscrew curls | Curling without heat: the 5 best tricks for overnight curling - made easy
Instagram: @madiharpster

To turn straight hair into corkscrew curls you don't need heat, curling irons, or curlers either. All you need for the bouncing mini curls is damp hair, small elastic bands, a comb, and a few hours of sleep - and your new hairstyle is ready! If you have short hair and you want curls or waves, this curl styling is the right choice for you.

This is how corkscrew curls succeed overnight

  1. Divide your damp hair into small strands of equal size.
  2. Twist-up the individual strands and roll them up to form small snails.
  3. Pin the mini buns to the head with small elastic bands or bobby pins.
  4. Let hair dry overnight. Remove the small buns the next morning and use hairspray or mousse to make the curls last for the day.

Styling tip: If the curls are a bit too wild and extreme for you the next day, you can loosen them up with a comb and conjure up a more natural curl.

Hair curls without heat: Curl styling with a hairband

Hair curls without heat: Curl styling with a hairband | Curling without heat: the 5 best tricks for overnight curling - made easy
Instagram: @novalanalove

To protect your hair from the heat with curling irons and curlers, but not have to do without big waves and glamorous curls, you can simply use a headband to style curls while you sleep. This method requires a little more manual dexterity and time than the previous hairstyling tips, but the result is definitely to be seen the next day.

This is how the curls with a headband work overnight

  1. Slightly moisten dry hair.
  2. Divide the hair into two sections and pull the hairband from above onto the head so that it is at the forehead level.
  3. Take a single strand, twist it in, put it through the hairband from above and pull it out again at the bottom.
  4. Twist the strands you put through with the next strand and put them back through the hair band.
  5. Repeat the process until all of the hair is wrapped around the headband.
  6. Let it dry overnight, remove the headband and style your curls as you like.

Curls without heat: These styling tools don't require heat

In fact, there are some hair styling tools that don't use heat to get your hair into shape. For example, curlers do not have to be used exclusively with heat. If you wrap it in towel-dried hair and let your hair air dry, you will also create beautiful, gentle waves. Brands like Dyson, on the other hand, have developed an electric tool that simply waves the hair slightly or curls it elegantly using a stream of air. This prevents heat damage from excessive styling.

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