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Hairstyle Choppy Cut - 3 Tips For The Right Styling


Trend hairstyle choppy cut - who it suits, how it is styled:

Casual, uncomplicated, and super flexible - this is the choppy cut, which originally comes from the 00s but is currently experiencing its big comeback. The special layered cut is available from very short to bob to medium length.

Hairstyle Choppy Cut - 3 Tips For The Right Styling
Cool haircut: the choppy cut.

Choppy Cut: What is it?

Choppy means something like "choppy" or "restless". The hairdresser creates this unrest on the head by grading the top hair from light to extreme and leaving the ends of the hair fringed. The different lengths create a lively undone look. Not only does it look casual, but it is also easy and super quick to style. By the way, the choppy cut is available in all lengths from extremely short to medium-long. The individual cuts are then called, for example, choppy bob, choppy lob, or choppy pixie.

Who suits the choppy cut?

The step cut is suitable for women with strong hair structures or with a lot of hair volume. While the hairstyle gives shape to thick hair, fine hair gains optical volume with a choppy short hairstyle. Narrow faces are accentuated by the choppy cut in a shorter length. Shapes that are more rounded appear narrower with a hairstyle with a longer cut, such as the lob, since the hair falls into the face, depending on the cut.

What is the best way to style the choppy cut?

The cut is still a perennial favorite among hairstyles. This is also because it is extremely easy to style. Put some mousse in your hair for more grip and don't forget the heat protection. The different levels automatically create movement in the hairstyle and the hair gets more volume.



The fringed hairstyles created with the choppy technique are easy to maintain. For the undone look, let your hair air dry or blow dry roughly. If you want it even messier, use salt spray and twist individual strands of different lengths.

With waves

The special cutting technique even helps women with straight hair to create waves. In addition to the heat protection, simply knead a small portion of curling foam or hair wax into your hair. Then hair in the diffuser, blow-dry, done. If you like it a little more glamorous, use the curling iron or the straightening iron.

Choppy cut - smooth to sleek

Don't feel like beach waves? The cut also works smoothly. To do this, blow dry your hair with a round brush. Then use the straightening iron to finish the hair if necessary. If you like it sleek, highlight individual strands with wax and flat irons. For a more extreme variation, the wax is combed throughout the hair. Here you should make sure that you get all the layers - if only the top hair is smooth, but the lower layers are wavy, it can quickly look strange.

How do I care for the choppy cut?

As already mentioned, the trend hairstyle is easy to style and theoretically only requires light care. However, if you use a hairdryer, straightening iron, or curling iron for styling, you should always ensure that the hair is provided with sufficient heat protection to prevent it from drying out. Since the step cut does not require a lot of styling, styling products can be dispensed completely or at least to a large extent. On the other hand, if you use gel, wax, etc., you should make sure to use a shampoo that can remove all product residues.

As with almost every hairstyle, regular visits to the hairdresser are also important for the choppy cut. On the one hand, to maintain the hairstyle, on the other hand, so that the hair looks permanently healthy.

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