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Hat Trends 2023: We Wear These 6 Styles Now!


From bucket hats to caps - hats are trendy like never before! Here are the six most beautiful hat trends of the season.

Hat trends 2023: We wear these 6 styles now!
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Hat trends 2021: the hottest models

Hats and headgear have been with us for centuries. In the past, headgear was mainly used to indicate belonging to a certain social class. In the 11th and 12th centuries, for example, the common man wore a so-called coiffe, a tight-fitting hood made of linen or leather. And women in the Middle Ages in Europe had to cover their hair as soon as they were married. Exciting, isn't it?

The typical female headgear at that time were bonnets and headscarves, which differed significantly from one layer to the other and were part of a dress code that was sometimes observed in rural areas centuries later. Today it is hard to imagine the fashion world without hats. Fortunately, we are now wearing the popular accessory a bit more modern!

Bloggers, street style stars, and influencers alike love them - caps, hats, and headgear in all possible variations and shapes. No wonder! In winter they keep your head nice and warm, in summer they protect you from heat and sun and, by the way, they also look incredibly cool.

We took a look around the streets of the fashion capitals for you to find the most beautiful hat trends of the season. Let's go!

Classic hat

The classic hat | Hat trends 2023: We wear these 6 styles now!
The classic hat to influencer Aida Domenech...

Oldie but Goldie - the classic hat is back on the heads of fashion girls and we love it! Whether casual cowboy model or noble fedora: We wear the classic with every outfit this season and prefer to style it with airy summer dresses and matching cowboy boots. Howdy!

Baker boy hat

Baker boy hat | Hat trends 2023: We wear these 6 styles now!
The baker boy hat to influencer Xenia Adonts...

An indispensable part of the fashion world: the baker boy hat! The influencers style the casual balloon cap both with a business-suitable blazer and with casual white basic shirts. From classic to unusual - we show you the most beautiful models of the Baker Boy hat here!



Beret | Hat trends 2023: We wear these 6 styles now!
Hat trends 2021: Here are the 5 most beautiful models...

A beret (in Scandinavian countries also called an alpine hat or Alpino) is a headgear made of wool, felt, or cotton that is related to the beret. She's experiencing a revival in the fashion world and we're in love!


Headscarf | Hat trends 2023: We wear these 6 styles now!
The headscarf to Lea Naumann...

The 60s are back! At least on our heads, because silk scarves are trendy this season like never before. We now style them casually tied to the magical fashion trends of 2021. Will you be there?

The Cappy

The Cappy | Hat trends 2023: We wear these 6 styles now!
The cap to influencer Natalia Verza...

Lena Gercke and Caro Daur have long loved it - good old Cappy! It protects against the sun, keeps annoying strands of hair out of our faces, and will be super casual and stylish in 2021. You probably still have a few old models at home.

The bucket hat

The bucket hat | Hat trends 2023: We wear these 6 styles now!
The fisherman's hat on a model from Copenhagen Fashion Week...

In 2021 we will (still) love fisherman hats, also called bucket hats! As early as 2020 we saw the unusual headgear on the streets of the fashion metropolises - this season they will be an everyday companion! And it doesn't matter whether you opt for a simple model or a slightly more eye-catching variant - you are the eye-catcher either way!

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