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Color Shampoos: The Top Products For Colored Hair


New mood, new look? That's the beauty of our hair: we can match its color to our mood or the latest trend. But if we don't care for colored hair properly, then we won't have any of our new styles for too long. The color strength can, however, be retained over a longer period of time. You just need the right shampoo. There are hair care products that ensure that the colored strands shine for a really long time. We reveal here which shampoos are particularly efficient and which keep their promises.

Our beauty pick for colored hair: These color shampoos are the best

Our beauty pick for colored hair: These color shampoos are the best | Color shampoos: The top products for colored hair

Dyed hair has high maintenance requirements. To prevent the color from fading, you need good beauty products such as color shampoos

Which color shampoo is the best? Our 5 beauty favorites

Finding the right shampoo for colored hair is not that easy. After all, every hair texture and color is different. Dry hair needs different care than fine hair - regardless of the hair color on your head. We have put together the five best color shampoos for every hair type for you.

1. The MeMademoiselle color shampoo for dry hair

1. The MeMademoiselle color shampoo for dry hair | Color shampoos: The top products for colored hair


MeMademoiselle Color Shampoo for colored hair I color protection shampoo without silicone I vegan hair care for colored hair.

Are there any silicone-free shampoos for colored hair? Yes! The MeMademoiselle shampoo, for example. It is free from silicone, parabens, and dyes. Instead, the shampoo convinces with gentle coconut surfactants and wheat protein. The latter repairs and smoothes the damaged mane and makes the hair easier to comb. In the end, you can expect supple and nourished hair like from a hairdresser.

2. Gentle shampoo for damaged, colored hair by Paul Mitchell

2. Gentle shampoo for damaged, colored hair by Paul Mitchell | Color shampoos: The top products for colored hair

Paul Mitchell Color Protect Shampoo - daily hair care for colored hair, gentle hair shampoo, provides moisture

If you suffer from broken hair after dyeing, Paul Mitchel's Color Shampoo is ideal for you. The combination of sunflower extracts, aloe vera, and jojoba oil gives bleached or colored hair strength and repairs damage to the hair structure.

In addition, the shampoo is vegan and, unlike conventional shampoos, made sustainably. It also works without parabens.


3. Shyne's "Color Protect" shampoo for dull hair

3. Shyne's `Color Protect` shampoo for dull hair | Color shampoos: The top products for colored hair

Color Protect Shampoo

The super active ingredient in Shyne shampoo: Kerarice. It is a natural color protection complex that protects the hair from oxidative damage. In addition, phytokeratin, chia, and linseed polysaccharides as well as the bamboo and quinoa contain repair the damaged strands and contribute to regeneration.

Result: healthy, highlighted hair with perfect radiance.

4. The "ChroMin ColorPro" shampoo from Eleni & Chris against frizz with UV protection

4. The `ChroMin ColorPro` shampoo from Eleni & Chris against frizz with UV protection | Color shampoos: The top products for colored hair

ChroMin ColorPro Shampoo

The shampoo from Eleni & Chris not only counteracts the fading of the color. Thanks to the active ingredient Heliogenol, the colored strands are also protected from UV rays. These are particularly bad culprits as they accelerate the fading of the hair color. At the same time, thanks to the shampoo, the hair is supplied with sufficient moisture so that it also shines healthy. This prevents frizz.

5. The "No. 24 Shampoo" from Bruns for fine, blonde hair

5. The `No. 24 Shampoo` from Bruns for fine, blonde hair | Color shampoos: The top products for colored hair


Hair dyed blond in particular poses great difficulties: Apart from the fact that the bleaching agent in the hair coloring is very aggressive, the color quickly develops an unsightly yellow tinge due to environmental influences.

The shampoo from Bruns fights exactly against this by the contained fruits from the bloodwood tree neutralizing these yellow tones and providing cold shades in the lengths. In addition, the bleached hair is nourished with moisture and the scalp with the essential oil of grapefruit. Nothing stands in the way of a healthy, bright blonde.

What are color shampoos exactly?

Color shampoos are the all-rounders in hair care. The color shampoos contain color pigments that are deposited on the hair surface in the form of small granules. They do not dissolve in contact with water and thus protect the color.

Coloring shampoo also refreshes the color reflections and makes the coloration look more intense again. In addition, the color protection shampoos contain nourishing ingredients that gently cleanse and conjure up supple hair, as well as a UV filter that protects the hair from solar radiation.

What are color shampoos exactly? | Color shampoos: The top products for colored hair

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Use and exposure time of color shampoos

The application works just like a conventional shampoo: wet your hair, massage in the shampoo, and rinse off with water.

For a better result, however, it is recommended (regardless of whether you have short or long hair) to leave the color shampoo on for a few minutes longer and to care for it with the appropriate conditioner or hair treatment after rinsing.

Shampoo for colored hair: You should keep this in mind

Dyed hair is like our skin: Depending on the type, it needs special care. Because the best shampoo is of no use if it does not match the new hair color. In addition, UV light, chlorinated water, and chemical products not only damage our face but also colored hair.

We'll tell you which shampoo is suitable for your new hair color and offers adequate color protection. It is best to use the products for your hair color and for your hair type alternately. In this way, you do justice to both factors and offer your colored strands the best possible care.

1. Hair dyed red

Red-colored hair quickly loses its radiance after each hair wash, as the pigment pheomelanin washes out. If the hair is exposed to strong UV radiation too often, it also bleaches faster and becomes dry. Chlorinated water also causes color loss.

To keep your red mane as long as possible, you should use a special shampoo that preserves the color pigments. You can also freshen up your red color with plant-based henna because it wraps itself around the outer layer of hair like a protective coat.


2. Blonde dyed hair

In the first few weeks, a blonde mane shines in competition with the sun - until the annoying yellow tinge comes. To avoid this with blonde-dyed hair, it is best to use a shampoo with purple color pigments (silver shampoo), which neutralize the yellow tinge. Violet is the complementary color to yellow, it is opposite it in the color wheel.

2. Blonde dyed hair | Color shampoos: The top products for colored hair

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3. Brown colored hair

Hazelnut, chocolate, or would you prefer caramel? Regardless of which brown coloration you have chosen: At some point, a red tinge creeps in, the once strongly shimmering brown disappears.

To get the red cast out of your hair, it is best to use a blue shampoo, because blue neutralizes red. However, you shouldn't wash your hair with the special shampoo more than once a week - and always use a conditioner afterward. Voilà, you already have brown hair without a reddish cast. On the other days, just use one of the above color shampoos for your hair type.

4. Hair dyed black

This may sound familiar to you: Fresh from the hairdresser, Snow White's black hair competes with Snow White. But after washing them a few times, they appear duller and duller. Keeping dark-colored hair permanently radiant and shiny is not that easy, but it is possible with the right color shampoo.

A must-have is a refresh of the color, which allows new color pigments to accumulate. In addition to a care shampoo for black hair and a subsequent conditioner and hair mask, an additional tint is a good option.

Warning: you may need to use two packs for long hair.

5. Hair colored gray

It has long been clear that granny hair looks anything but "old lady". The style can even look really stylish and young - as long as gray or silver-colored hair is properly cared for. This of course also applies to natural gray hair.

So that the gray does not lose its shine or even become dull, you should use a color shampoo for gray hair that neutralizes unwanted yellow and orange tones after dyeing and refreshes the color intensity.

5. Hair colored gray | Color shampoos: The top products for colored hair

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