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Removing Calluses: 3 Mistakes To Avoid While Doing It


In spring and summer, we are again a lot barefoot or in sandals. Many are now resorting to pumice stone, callous planes, and the like to have supple feet. But there are a number of things you can do wrong: 3 mistakes that we should avoid when removing the cornea.

Removing Calluses: 3 Mistakes To Avoid While Doing It
We shouldn't do these 3 things when removing the calluses on our feet!

3 mistakes to avoid while removing calluses

1. Use a plane with a sharp blade

When choosing the right callus removal tool, you should never rely on a plane with an extremely sharp blade. The risk of injury is simply far too great! Instead, use a gentle pumice stone or file.

2. Too much friction

You shouldn't just rub it off with the pumice stone or callus file. The rapid back and forth creates friction, which is how calluses develop in the first place! In the first step, the cornea initially disappears, but a new layer soon forms again! It is best to only use a pumice stone and Co. on heavily calloused areas and do not exert too much pressure.


3. Do not prepare your feet for it

Before removing the callus, we should prepare our feet for it and not just start with the pumice stone immediately. A foot bath in lukewarm water with a little jojoba oil for 10 minutes is necessary so that the skin becomes soft. Of course, the callus can also be removed immediately after bathing or showering. It helps enormously to do a peeling in order to optimally prepare the feet for it.

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