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Firm Skin: Most Effective Massage Techniques For Cellulite, Water Retention And Love Handles


Shaping, dehydrating, tightening - from Indiba treatment to wood therapy to the use of special oils: There are many effective treatments against cellulite to finally get firm skin.

Firm skin: These anti-cellulite massages not only improve the skin's appearance

We already understand that cellulite is not that easily removed (and yes, practically all of us have it, and no, there is no magic bullet), but that doesn't mean we don't want - and can't - improve the appearance of our skin. It is indeed a complicated task and surely there are no miracles, but the key lies in combining these three pillars of wellbeing: a balanced diet, exercise, and cosmetics tailored to your needs. The same applies to other common problems such as love handles, fluid retention, or lack firmness, three other problem areas that above all require a lot of perseverance in order to achieve improvements. But what if there was some treatment that would give us a little nudge when it comes to reaching our goals?

Firm skin: These anti-cellulite massages not only improve the skin's appearance | Firm skin: Most effective massage techniques for cellulite, water retention and love handles

The good news is that not only are there many treatments that are suitable for treating these problems, but that these are mostly special types of massage that have a reducing, draining, and firming effect, so that you do not just (practically) give your body one exercise session that focuses on the key areas, but you can do it easily while relaxing. And yes, we said training because while the massages themselves are (mostly) not painful, they are usually very intense, they get your body working, and the next day you may even notice little sore muscles (depending on the therapy chosen by you). However, without neglecting the fact that these require several sessions (this varies depending on the case and treatment) and that they do not exclude the importance of diet, exercise, and cosmetics.

Here are some of the most effective treatments for firm skin:

Radiofrequency treatments with Indiba and Evocare

There is no doubt that radiofrequency therapy has gained many followers in recent years thanks to its versatility and good results. There are several devices that use this system, perhaps the most famous of all being Indiba. The experts from the WOmum center, where they work with this technology, explain how it works: "It is based on increasing the temperature of the tissue with the help of a controlled electric field, and in response to the resistance of this heat, the cell metabolism increases, which increases the process the elimination of the resistant fat is accelerated, while at the same time the dehydration is favored. " Therefore, it can be used on problem areas such as the stomach, legs or other love handles to achieve this effect. In addition, it increases the vascularization and oxygen supply of the tissue and thus increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin and thus tightens the skin.

Another variant of radio frequency therapy is the Evocare system. According to "The Secret Lab" center, where this treatment is carried out through an "In & Out" massage, the difference in this technique is that the beauticians use their hands to direct the electromagnetic waves to our body. At the same time, they perform a massage in order to achieve results both externally (including strengthening, purifying, reducing fat) and internally (detoxifying and alkalizing the pH of the cell tissue).

Firm skin through massages with special oils

If you are looking for a more natural option, in which aromatherapy also plays an important role, an oil massage is the best choice. Not with any oils, of course, but with oils that are precisely tailored to your needs, which, due to their formulation and ingredients, are very effective when it comes to combating cellulite, localized fat deposits, or a lack of firmness. A very good choice is those by Sarah Becquer, who has just launched a body care collection with three oils that are firming, anti-cellulite, dehydrating, and fat-burning. Sarah Becquer has teamed up with The Beauty Concept salons in order to offer, in addition to the application at home, a treatment in the salon that is tailored to the needs of customers. There are exclusive massage treatments specially developed for reshaping, modeling, and fighting cellulite.


Mechanical tightening with LPG devices

Another technology worth mentioning is LPG endermology, another option if you don't want to resort to radiofrequency therapy as the stimulation is mechanical rather than electrical. How does it work? "The Secret Lab" points out, "The LPG machine has a handpiece that performs a subdermal massage to mechanically stimulate the adipocytes so that they release the fat to the outside, mimicking the physiological process that is triggered when we have energy During this process the cells and with them, the fat deposits shrink, which is why the whole thing is so efficient if you want a slimming effect. Not to be despised is the fact that this treatment, like the previous one, stimulates the fibroblasts to synthesize Increase collagen and elastin thanks to the vibration system, which increases the firmness of the skin.

Firm skin with wood therapy and bamboo

As the name suggests, wood therapy is a treatment with wood, i.e. different tools made of this material - with a wide variety of shapes to adapt to different body regions - are used to perform a manual mechanical massage. At WOmum, they combine this with the Indiba treatment to increase results. They recommend this to "loosen deep fat deposits locally," so the technique works by "breaking up the fibers that surround them while sculpting and draining to naturally remove the fat".

Finally, massage with bamboo sticks can also be counted as part of this treatment area, although it is not really the same as wood therapy as it is used to reactivate the circulation, promote drainage and tissue regeneration. The Secret Lab explains how it works: "We apply the essential oil to the entire body and, by rolling and sliding the bamboo cylinders, exert a gentle pressure that activates and harmonizes the body's energy."

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