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Hair Lamination, The Treatment That Makes Hair Shiny And Glossy In Just Eight Seconds


The hair lamination sublimates the slightest dull hair. Delivered in a hairdressing salon, the treatment heals the hair fiber in-depth, by depositing a thin protective layer-based, among other things, on keratin. At stake? Intensely hydrated and glossy hair.

Hair lamination, the treatment that makes hair shiny and glossy in just eight seconds

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Mask for the fiber, exfoliation of the scalp, anti-aging treatment for hair... Hair treatments are naturally inspired by beauty routines for the face. Proof of this is with the hair lamination. Let's go back to the origins of the word first. Some time ago, the technique of brow lamination, by plasticizing the eyebrows, emerged. It allows to restructure the eyebrow arches by shaping a very singular style. The hairline is dense, brushed up, tinted, and then fixed with a vegan formula. At stake? Full eyebrows with a messy-styled look. Hair lamination uses this principle, in the sense that the treatment consists of depositing a thin protective layer on the hair fiber. To do this, the hair is washed using a clarifying shampoo that opens the scales. They are then treated with a mixture of keratin, oil, protein, and gelatin, among others. This beneficial mix is ​​then activated with heat. In the end, the fiber is revitalized and glossy to perfection, smoothed, and tamed. The forks are neutralized even before they appear. By the way, the hair is intensely hydrated. Importantly, this film helps maintain this level of hydration. To sum up, hair lamination is to hair what top coat is to nails.

Lamellar water, home care

If hair lamination is delivered in a salon, there is a brand new technology to achieve similar results at home: lamellar water. Far from the usual masks and creams, this treatment comes in a liquid form, similar to water. It is made up of very fine and light molecules, "a tenth the size of those found in traditional hair formulas". It deeply treats the hair, depositing tiny moisturizing and revitalizing actives that activate on contact with water to repair damaged areas. Lamellar water treatment is concentrated in amino acids and proteins.

Lamellar water, home care | Hair lamination, the treatment that makes hair shiny and glossy in just eight seconds

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