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For Hair After Sunbathing: 4 Best After Sun Hair Masks


When you pack for vacation, you automatically think of the sunscreen and after-sun lotion for your skin. And what about the hair? They still play second fiddle. They need exactly the same attention as your skin in summer.

That's why your hair needs an after-sun hair mask after sunbathing

That's why your hair needs an after-sun hair mask after sunbathing | For Hair After Sunbathing: 4 Best After Sun Hair Masks
Sun, salt, and chlorinated water put a lot of strain on your hair. If you don't want to risk brittle tips, you should now use After Sun Hair Masks...

Even if you only notice the result of careless hair care in contrast to the skin, which reacts instantly with sunburn, at second glance: The hair becomes dull, brittle, and brittle. It is also clear, after all, sun, salt, and chlorinated water are also bothering you. To avoid this, you should urgently re-add the moisture that has been extracted from your hair. How do you do that? With special after-sun hair masks.

Hair that is supple in spite of the sun: We can recommend these 4 After Sun Hair Masks

1. "Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque" from Aveda

As beautiful as the sun and wind may feel in your hair, they unfortunately also dry out your strands immensely. That is why you should treat your hair to an intensive mask at least once a week that provides extra moisture.

Our tip: Tamanu oil and certified organic coconut oil, which are contained in the "After-Sun Hair Masque" from Aveda, regenerate sun-damaged hair.

2. "Hair after the Sun" hair treatment from Sachajuan

The Oceans Silk technology of the "Hair After the Sun" hair treatment from Sachajuan replenishes the moisture depots of the hair and restores its shine.

Tip: Since the treatment does not necessarily have to be rinsed out, you can wear the care while sunbathing and thus prevent moisture loss.


3. "Solar Sublime Mask" from L'Oréal Professionnel of the Expert series

When salt crystals from the seawater settle in the hair, they absorb moisture and oil here - this is additional stress for hair that is already exposed to the sun.

The "Solar Sublime Masq" from L'Oréal Professionnel is enriched with a UV filter and aloe vera and repairs the hair fiber. Plus: Regular use prevents the effects of the sun, salt in the air and water, and chlorine.

4. "Sun Reflects After Sun 60 Sec Treatment" from Goldwell Dualsenses

Anyone who has bleached or colored hair has to be careful twice: Sun, chlorine, and saltwater not only strain the strands, they also bleach them.

And: chlorinated water can leave a green tinge on hair that has been bleached or dyed gray. Then a moisturizer with color protection is suitable, such as the "Goldwell Dualsenses Sun Reflects After-Sun 60 Sec Treatment".

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