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Andie Macdowell, Feels 'Powerful' With Her Silver Hair


Comedian and model Andie MacDowell claims her white hair gives her power. She confides in 63 years, without a filter.

Andie MacDowell, Feels 'Powerful' With Her Silver Hair

She lit up the Croisette in 2021 with her silver hair. Comedian and model Andie MacDowell caused a stir at the Cannes Film Festival last year by taking on her white hair, which suits her so well.

At 63, the one who has played in 4 weddings and 1 funeral feels more than ever a powerful woman and the gaze of her children is there, among other things, for something, this is what she says in the columns of Vogue:

“When my white hair started to appear, every time my children saw me, they told me that they thought I was badass! I liked it. So I gave it a try and I love it."

An assumed and claimed choice that scared Andie MacDowell's agent. The latter would even have advised him not to keep his hair white. The actress then explained to him what she felt: "I told him that he was wrong, that I would feel more powerful if I assumed what I really was".

Containment freed white hair

Andie MacDowell, therefore, delivers a beautiful message when we know that women over 50 are invisible in our society and even more violent Hollywood actresses.

The periods of confinement at the start of the pandemic also helped to free gray hair, white hair. This is what happened to Andie MacDowell. Invited on the Drew Barrymore Show, the actress returned to the impact that confinement had on her hair and her vision of femininity: "What happened was that I didn't color my hair and it was half colored here".

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