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Buzz Cut: Everything About The Summer Short Haircut


The buzz cut is the trend hairstyle of summer - and definitely only for the very brave among us! We reveal what is hidden behind the trendy short haircut.

Buzz Cut: Everything About The Summer Short Haircut
Model Cajsa Wessberg with the trendy buzz cut.

Buzz Cut: Everything About The Summer Short Haircut
Cara Delevigne also loves the radical short haircut.

Radical, masculine, and above all, quite brave: There is probably hardly a female hairstyle stereotype with which the buzz cut does not break. Quite apart from the fact that the short haircut is a pretty practical hairstyle, you are also making a real statement with it, for which you can certainly earn some compliments!

What is a buzz cut?

The buzz cut is probably the shortest of all short hairstyles - for it, the hair is shaved down to a few centimeters with a machine so that even the scalp shimmers through. Most of the women who wear their buzz cut even dye their hair platinum blonde so that the hair stands out well.

That's why the buzzcut is so popular now

Without question: the raspy short hairstyle is always practical - especially in summer. And bad hair days? With the buzz cut, they are of course a thing of the past. Many stars prove that this is the hottest hairstyle of the summer: celebrity ladies like Kristen Stewart, Cara Delevigne, Cajsa Wessberg, or Katy Perry have long since proven that the military hairstyle is a symbol of female power.

Who Does the Buzz Cut Fit For?

The buzz cut focuses on one thing above all - namely the head! If you are dissatisfied with the shape of your head, you shouldn't opt ​​for a radical haircut. The cut also hardens the facial contours, which is why it looks much better on women with soft and feminine facial features. Especially women with a round head can wear the trendy haircut.

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