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Hair: Concealing The Approach: Best Tricks - Even Without Dyeing


Do you want to hide your approach? We'll show you the best tips and tricks to get rid of the approach - even without coloring!

Concealing the approach: Best methods without dyeing

Concealing the approach: Best methods without dyeing | Hair: Concealing The Approach: Best Tricks - Even Without Dyeing

Fresh from the hairdresser, the hair color still looks even and radiant. But after a few weeks, the approach, which many do not like, shows up. Not everyone wants or can go to the hairdresser every few weeks to have the roots re-colored. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can use to hide the roots that have grown out - even without dyeing.

We'll tell you the best methods to get rid of the roots - whether gray or dark hair. The advantage of the tricks to conceal the roots without dyeing: They are gentler and a good choice especially for women with damaged hair.

Method #1: Hide the roots with the right hairstyle

If you want to conceal your approach, you should do without a strict, accurate middle parting and very straight hair, because this StylingAd basically screams: "Look here, I have a beginning".

It is better to style your hair a little more playful and looser. The whole thing can look a bit messy. Curls or waves, for example, perfectly distract from the roots. A casual, not too accurate bun, ponytail, or braided hairstyle in messy style also distracts from the unsightly approach. Pony hairstyles also hide the approach.

Extra tip: Tease the approach

Another styling tip to visually make the roots disappear: Toup your hair. This makes the approach look shorter and is no longer so noticeable. Simply fix it with some hairspray or spray some dry shampoo on it so that everything stays in place.

Method #2: Use accessories to distract from the roots

To distract from the real problem, you can beautify your hair with some hair accessories. It can be nice and big and colorful.

Here, too, the motto is: Don't clamp back too tightly! For example, you can grab a hair clip and stick it loosely on the side of your hair. Large hair clips with pearls are currently very popular.

Headbands and ribbons are also popular. They too can help hide the approach. The bigger, wider, and more conspicuous the hoop or hairband, the better. The same effect can also be achieved with a cute cloth that you tie loosely around your hair.

Method #2: Use accessories to distract from the roots | Hair: Concealing The Approach: Best Tricks - Even Without Dyeing
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We don't need to mention that headgear is the best way to make the approach disappear. So if it fits the outfit: Bring a stylish hat or a casual cap!


Method #3: Cover the roots with powder

There are definitely a few products in your beauty case that will help you cover up the approach. For example, an eyebrow powder can work wonders. However, this only works if your roots are lighter than the rest of your hair color.

In this case, pick up the dark powder with a large brush and apply it to the roots. Instead of eyebrow powder, you can also use eyeshadow.

The most popular neck powder on the net

When it comes to concealing the approach, many swear by the approach powder from Imperio. With it, you can not only hide light or gray roots and make your hair look fuller, but you can also soften color differences. The well-rated approach powder is available in four shades. The lightest color is light brown. Unfortunately, the powder is therefore not suitable for blonde hair.

Method #4: Conceal the gray roots with a spray

In addition to base powder, there are a number of other products to conceal a base of a different color or gray. Hair mascara, for example, is popular. With this, you can easily paint over your roots, similar to painting your eyelashes. It is important that you hit the hue and that your approach is not too strong.

If your approach has outgrown a lot, a special approach spray will help. This is sprayed directly onto the roots and forms a thin layer of color on the hair. The "Magic Retouch" product from L’Oréal is one of the most popular makeup sprays from the drugstore. The make-up spray is available in many different colors so that your tone is definitely there.

Use the make-up spray correctly

So that you get the right spots, first style your hair as desired. Then put a towel around your shoulders to avoid staining your clothes. Now shake the can, hold the spray vertically and spray the paint onto the base from a distance of 15 cm.

Don't use too much product or it will get stained. For a more natural result, blend the freshly applied color with a soft brush. The color of the roots lasts until the next hair wash.

Method #5: Conceal the dark roots on blonde hair

Do you have a dark hairline? There are various ways of lightening it and masking it optically. However, both procedures can be tough on the hair and both are less gentle than the tips above.

Method #5: Conceal the dark roots on blonde hair | Hair: Concealing The Approach: Best Tricks - Even Without Dyeing

Lighten the dark approach naturally with lemon

Mix the juice of a lemon with your shampoo and apply the mass to the base. Cover your hair with cling film and sit in the sun. The heat additionally intensifies the lightning effect.

Let the lemon juice work for about an hour and then wash your hair thoroughly. Since citric acid attacks the hair, you should take good care of it afterward. We recommend that you use a good hair mask or treatment after the treatment to protect your hair from drying out. Aftercare, they should be nice and supple again.

Conceal the dark roots with blonde sprays

If you have blonde hair and a dark hairline, you can hide it with lightning sprays. These sprays especially for blondes can gradually lighten the hair and thus even out the roots. The blonde sprays usually contain hydrogen peroxide, which is responsible for the lightning effect. They are sprayed onto the darker roots and can thus visibly lighten the hair, application after application.

But be careful: Similar to hair color, a lightning spray can also damage your hair.

Get rid of it instead of masking it: Re-dye the roots

The tips above can mask the build-up, but not completely eliminate it. If you want to get rid of your roots, all that remains is to go to the hairdresser or to reach for the hair color. If you're practiced, you can re-dye your hairline at home.

You can use a suitable hair color from the drugstore for this. Make sure to choose a shade that is particularly close to the color of your lengths. In the best-case scenario, you will use the exact same hair color to recolor your roots.

Very important: When dyeing roots, follow the instructions in the package exactly and only apply the color to the roots. This is particularly easy with a hair dye brush. With it, you can apply the hair color particularly precisely to your roots.

If you have distributed the color on the base, you should also follow the instructions in the instructions for the exposure time and then rinse the hair thoroughly.

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