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How Do I Get Strong And Healthy Hair? 6 Professional Tips For Beautiful Hair


Is your hair dull, flat, dry, or greasy? We'll tell you what helps against these typical hair problems and how you can finally get strong and healthy hair.

How Do I Get Strong And Healthy Hair? 6 Professional Tips For Beautiful Hair

We all know bad hair days: some days our hair just doesn't want the way we do. But when frizzy, flat, or dull hair becomes part of everyday life, a bad mood is inevitable.

We have the best tips for strong and healthy hair - all year round! Because regardless of whether it is summer or winter: sun, wind and dry air create a lot of problems for our hair - and our skin - every day. It is important to know the right tips and products to look after and care for our beloved mane from the roots to the tips.

Strong and healthy hair with the right shampoo

Use a product that exactly matches your hair type (for dry, oily, or colored hair, etc.). When buying, make sure that the pH value of the shampoo is suitable for the scalp and that the formula supplies the capillary structure with moisture and makes it supple.

It can also be useful to use silicone-free products. If silicones are not washed out properly, they are deposited on the scalp and form a layer of film that seals the hair. This silicone build-up is, for example, one reason why hair feels weighed down or cannot be dyed properly. The most annoying consequence of the deposits: the hair becomes dry, brittle, and brittle.

Applying shampoo correctly: This is easy on your hair and scalp

Wet the hair, put a little shampoo in the open hand, and distribute it through the hair. Pamper your scalp with a gentle massage and let the shampoo work in briefly before rinsing it out thoroughly.

Very important: Under no circumstances should you wash your hair twice in a row. This puts unnecessary strain on the scalp. Apply a hazelnut-sized amount of conditioner to wet hair to restore the natural protective film. For the brave among you: Finally, refresh your head with cold water. This strengthens the hair flakes and gives the hair an extra portion of shine.

Washing your hair: This is how you avoid common mistakes

Also important if you want to get healthy and strong hair: Wash your hair only every two to three days. Washing your hair too often can lead to increased sebum production on the scalp and thus to greasy hair. But not only the "too often" washing can put a strain on the hair.


Drying hair: in the air or with a hairdryer?

Admittedly, letting your hair air dry is clearly the healthiest alternative, because heat and blow-drying air remove moisture from the hair. But who has enough time in the morning to let their hair air dry?

If you use a blow dryer, gently wrap your hair in a towel to pre-dry it. Set the hairdryer to the medium heat level and use a brush made of natural material so that you do not damage the capillary substance.

Drying hair: in the air or with a hairdryer? | How Do I Get Strong And Healthy Hair? 6 Professional Tips For Beautiful Hair
How do I get strong and healthy hair?

Getting strong and healthy hair: The right care for every hair type

Greasy, dry, or dull - here you will find the right care for your hair type.

1. Oily hair

The reason: excessive sebum production on the scalp.

The solution: In order to make oily hair glow again, the sebum production must be regulated and the scalp cured. Gentle and deep care is used for this: Carefully massage the special cleansing lotion into the scalp!

2. Dry hair

The reason: If the sebum production is too low, the hair flakes open and the hair becomes dry and dull.

The solution: lots of moisture! A combination of a moisturizing shampoo and a restorative hair mask treats dry hair with an intensive repair complex. Comb your hair again and again with a soft brush made of wild boar bristles to distribute the natural sebum well.

3. Dull and dull hair

The reason: If the hair flakes on the fiber trunk reflect the light poorly, the hair looks dull and dull.

The solution: Use a conditioner regularly after washing your hair, which gives your hair a new shine and intense luminosity. You can also add a little lemon juice or a tablespoon of white wine vinegar to the rinse water to enhance the glossy effect.

3. Dull and dull hair | How Do I Get Strong And Healthy Hair? 6 Professional Tips For Beautiful Hair
Strong and healthy hair.

Healthy lifestyle = Healthy hair

If you want to get strong and healthy hair, you cannot avoid these 3 golden rules:

1. Just don't stress! Because stress contributes to the fact that the sebum production increases, more dandruff develops and the hair loss is accelerated.

2. A balanced diet also strengthens the hair! Proteins, zinc, iron, and B vitamins provide important vitamins for strong and full hair.

3. Sport helps! Physical activity helps the organism to excrete toxins through perspiration or sebum. Don't forget: You should definitely wash your hair after exercising to remove all sweat residues.

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