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Hairstyles 2023: Big Trends Of The New Year


Which hairstyles are trendy in 2022? We take a look at the brand new hairstyle trends, haircuts, and hair colors for the coming year.

Hairstyles 2023: Big Trends Of The New Year
Hairstyles 2022: These are the brand new trends

Look forward to the new year girls! Because there are not only great fashion trends waiting for us, but also brand new hairstyle trends in 2022. Which haircuts are coming? And which stars can we take a look at now? We spoke to La Biosthétique star hairstylist Alexander von Trentini about the upcoming hairstyles. He is certain that a good mood will come into play in 2022! In addition to the happy colors in the hair color trends 2022, we will also see happy hairstyles in the new year. Sounds like anticipation, doesn't it? Here's our preview:

Hairstyles 2022: The big trends

What hairstyles are fashionable in 2022? We summarize the most important things. Here comes our top 5:

  1. Middle parting
  2. Blunt cut
  3. Baby braids
  4. Shag mullet
  5. Super short bob

Also in our charts: three must-haves that everyone needs in 2022! Colorful hair towels, neon hair clips, and steam straighteners. More on that later! First, let's take a closer look at the 2022 hairstyles.

1. Middle parting

Oh yes! He is back. The middle parting is THE big hairstyle trend in 2022. No haircut, no hairstyle works without the 2000 classic. So forget your side parting and try your hand at the middle, girls.

1. Middle parting | Hairstyles 2023: Big Trends Of The New Year
Hairstyles 2022: The middle parting on Erin Holland and Nikki Phillips.

2. Blunt cut

Blunt cut hair - that doesn't sound particularly desirable at first. But the blunt cut, translated as blunt cut, is precisely based on this look. Straight edges and no steps. This trend haircut for 2022 is particularly straight and cool and suits both medium-length hair and long hairstyles.

2. Blunt cut | Hairstyles 2023: Big Trends Of The New Year
Hairstyles 2022: The Blunt Cut on Tiffany Hsu

3. Baby braids

The Instagram trend is becoming suitable for everyday use. The pretty little braids that beautifully frame the contours of the face can no longer be worn only at home or for photos in 2022, but also with street style outfits and even on the red carpet. What Chiara Ferragni can do, we can too!

3. Baby braids | Hairstyles 2023: Big Trends Of The New Year
Hairstyles 2022: The Baby Braids on Chiara Ferragni.


4. Shag mullet

Short at the front, long at the back - that's how we know the classic mullet. Our hairstylist says that the cut will become a trend again in 2022 and will therefore be particularly graded because it is combined with the popular shag cut and neatly graded. Styling queen Maria Bernad shows how cool it can look.

4. Shag mullet | Hairstyles 2023: Big Trends Of The New Year
Hairstyles 2022: Maria Bernad with the shag mullet.

5. Super short bob

Bob hairstyles are one of our absolute favorites anyway. And of course, a bob is one of the hairstyle trends this year too. And it is the super short bob! It barely reaches the cheekbones or chin length and looks particularly good on distinctive facial features. It is best cut straight to one length and worn straight. You can also combine it with side bangs or XXL curtain bangs.

5. Super short bob | Hairstyles 2023: Big Trends Of The New Year
Hairstyles 2022: The Super Short Bob on Mary Leest.

Which hairstyles are trendy in 2022?

In 2022 we are celebrating the comeback of the 2000s hairstyles. That means mid-parted hairstyles, short bob hairstyles, and braided hairstyles are back on trend. The hairstylist from Trentini goes into detail: "The 90s were very present in 2021, and the 2000s will follow next year. The middle parting in particular is on the rise. You can see it in beautiful combination with the blunt cut or the super short bob. " Two trend hairstyles that influencers have loved for a long time. "The middle parting goes particularly well with small, plaited braids that are plaited along the front contour of the face," says Trentini. We already know the Instagram trend as baby braids. "And the double buns also go well with the middle parting. The double bun on the top of the head puts you in a good mood and embodies exactly the feeling that we need after the pandemic."

What new haircuts are fashionable in 2022?

In 2022, we will be focusing on cool new haircuts that primarily thrive on contrasts. Wild steps meet soft transitions - hard edges meet flowing pony strands. Von Trentini reveals his favorites among modern haircuts for 2022: "Two will become one: In 2022 we will mix the shag cut with the mullet. What is important when cutting is a smooth transition between the steps." The edgy pullet will remain with us as a shag mullet and will be a little more suitable for everyday use for many.

"Another trend is a blunt cut short bob," says Trentini. We also know the cut as a blunt cut. "Either with a center parting or with long bangs that go low over the eyebrows." Hairstyle trends from 2021 will develop into fresh variants this year. But not only new haircuts are popular. We can't get rid of well-known classics either. "The striking pixie cut is not new but is still very popular. Whether catwalk or street style - no other hairstyle so skillfully emphasizes the character that we consciously want to underline. It stands for a stylish and at the same time natural look," enthuses von Trentini. "The curtain bangs are also still in vogue as a pony hairstyle. However, the cut now changes more into a blunt, long pony look. Overall, this cut is more geometric."

What brand new hair tool do we need now?

We regularly look around for new hair tools that not only help us to recreate the cool hairstyle trends but also focus more and more on hair care and heat protection. Last year we were blown away by the wave iron that brought the magical deep waves into our hair. In 2022 we will be on steam straighteners. These are straightening irons that do not straighten the hair with heated plates but with steam or lay it in waves. The hair is exposed to significantly less heat. A trend tool that is suitable for all hair types, but especially for rather stubborn hair structures. It is much easier to tame frizzy hair or curls. Definitely try it out!

What hair accessories will we see next year?

Incredibly popular this year: colorful hair towels. The delicate cloths are placed over the main hair and knotted at the nape of the neck. They can come in a wide variety of patterns and colors. A monochrome outfit like here on Justyna Czerniak can be styled even cooler or a colored outfit can be perfectly complemented. We love!

What hair accessories will we see next year? | Hairstyles 2023: Big Trends Of The New Year
Hairstyles 2022: A colorful hair scarf to Justyna Czerniak.

The girls in the socials live it to us: we rely on gaudy, edgy hair accessories. "Big bobby pins in flashy neon colors go with the good-mood 2000s look that will soon catch on on many people's heads," says our Trentini hairstylist. So supply it quickly with the pieces!

On which stars can we see the hairstyle trends for 2022?

As every year, we will be happy to check out the hairstyle trends among Hollywood stars in 2022. From Trentini, we can see who is already wearing the brand new cuts. There we have: "Model Kaia Gerber has a stylish middle parting, just like actress Selena Gomez. Influencer Chiara Ferragni combines the middle parting look with the plaited braids even on the red carpet." Here we can get wonderful inspirations again.


Which hairstyle trends are out in 2022?

What will no longer work in 2022? "The undercut will completely disappear from the scene in the coming year," predicts and hopes our hairstylist from Trentini.

Which hair colors are trendy in 2022?

In our trend article on the big hair color trends for 2022, Trentini has already revealed his hot favorites to us. With you? Refreshing happy colors that lift our mood and beautiful natural hair colors that are refined with subtleties and glossings.

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