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Fancy Bangs? Curtain Bangs - Who The Bangs Look Like, How To Style Them?


When grown-out bangs become a trend, then it's called curtain bangs! The hairstyle with the casual fringe simply never slips off the trend ladder and will be extremely popular again in 2022. We explain the trend hairstyle and know how to style it best.

Fancy Bangs? Curtain Bangs - Who The Bangs Look Like, How To Style Them?
Curtain bangs - a hairstyle that never goes out of style!

In contrast to other hairstyles with bangs, curtain bangs do not lie completely or combed in one direction over the forehead, but are divided like a curtain in the middle and fall loosely on each side of the forehead. Hence the name, because curtain bangs mean something like “curtain bangs” in German. The parted fringe is anything but new – Brigitte Bardot already wore her forehead with the new, old trend hairstyle in the 1960s:

Fancy Bangs? Curtain Bangs - Who The Bangs Look Like, How To Style Them?
Brigitte Bardot in Paris in the mid-1960s – curtain bangs included.

Who do curtain bangs suit?

The forehead hair parted on both sides makes the face appear narrower so that even women with a narrow forehead or a slight rounder face can wear this pony hairstyle well. The look frames the face and softens the features. Even women with shorter hair, such as a bob, do not go wrong with the split pony. Only extremely curly hair is not suitable for curtain bangs – curled up, the parted bangs look less advantageous.

What is the best way to style curtain bangs?

Definitely loose, after all, the fringe is one of those hairstyles where a bit of styling is enough. The fringe can simply be blow-dried or air-dried, it doesn't need a lot of styling - just part, comb through, done. Less is more when it comes to styling products too: To keep the bangs in place, they can be fixed with a little hairspray. The rest of the hair can be styled in soft waves, but a high braid or bun also works great with the style.

How do I care for the curtain bangs?

In general, the trend hairstyle is extremely easy to care for, theoretically, the hair does not have to be trimmed too often, as it can vary in length - everything is fine just above the eyebrows down to the chin. However, if you tend to split ends, you should definitely use scissors more often.

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