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These Hair Mistakes Make You Older


Avoiding these hair flaws will not only make you look fresher but also make you look much younger...

Many things contribute to whether you look older than you are: the wrong clothes, the wrong make-up, or the hairstyle. We have all made or are still making the following hair mistakes. And yes, unfortunately, they make us older. So, starting today, let's say goodbye to the following things:

These hair mistakes make you older
These hair flaws make you older...

Too long hair

Long hair is great - but only up to a certain length. Too long a mane makes you look much older. There's even a guideline for doing this: once your hair is long enough to go over your ribs, the look will make you older. Do you love your mane ultra-long? Have your hair cut a bit at the front and as long as it is at the back. This loosens up and rejuvenates your entire look.

Always the same look

Changes are good - especially for your hair! If you've been wearing the same cut, hairstyle, and color for years, that can make you look older. Some trends are really great. So dare to go with the trend and bring a new freshness to your hair. This is the only way you don't appear older than you actually are.

Always the same look | These hair mistakes make you older
Bring new freshness to your hair to look younger!

Be careful with the hair color

Dark hair tones in particular can make you look older. Often a (too) dark tone does not flatter your skin. Here, too, you can get advice from your hairdresser. But if you absolutely do not want to part with your dark color, set accents in similar, but subtly lighter and natural tones.


You're parting the wrong way

Here, too, the following applies: A center parting or a side parting does not fit every face shape. The wrong choice can make you look older. But there is no guideline here. Try it in front of the mirror, ask friends or your hairdresser to find the perfect position.

Unhealthy hair

Are you doing everything right in terms of cut and color, but still look older? Grooming is essential. Only healthy hair can make you look younger. Regular combing or a build-up oil can already work wonders here!

Unhealthy hair | These hair mistakes make you older
You can also make broken tips and co. Look older.

Too much or too little volume

We all love volume! However, too much of it can mean you gain a couple of years. The reason: Because the hair becomes thinner with age, volume no longer has such a positive effect on the look. Flat hair, on the other hand, has the same effect. The rule is: find a good middle ground!

A strict braid

Unfortunately true: a braid, ponytail, or bun is more for the younger generation. In old age, strict hairstyles do nothing for your look. A deep, loose bun, on the other hand, can look elegant and still not make you look older. Nevertheless, the following applies: loose hair is particularly flattering to your age!

A strict braid | These hair mistakes make you older
The rule here: leave your hair loose!

Your hairstyle doesn't match your personality

Apart from all the tips mentioned, one thing is particularly important: you have to feel comfortable and your hairstyle has to suit you - without exception!

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