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Hair Trend: Melted Mocha Coloring Brightens Up Fall


"Melted Mocha" coloring to brighten up the season...

The arrival of fall brought with it its share of new hair color trends. Among these new hair colors in vogue, the "Melted Mocha".

Hair Trend: Melted Mocha Coloring Brightens Up Fall

What if instead of darkening our hair when it gets cold, we choose to lighten it? For the fall, we tend to want to darken our hair to accompany the return of the gray. But, it seems that this fall 2021 is the start of a new era: indeed, many hairdressers practice hair changes that aim to create a sun effect in the hair at the request of their clients And for good reason, this year the fall trends are more about lightening the hair: this is the case with the "Melted Mocha" hair color.

This new trend is to create a highlight effect very similar to balayage, but with a more discreet highlighting effect. As the name suggests, this hair color is a "Fade Mocha" color in which the golden or light blonde highlights (depending on preference) will blend perfectly with the client's natural color.

"Melted Mocha" coloring pleases brunettes

Often neglected on the hair change side because their dark shade is more complicated to transform than a blonde, the "Melted Mocha" coloring is an opportunity for to give a boost to their hair color that can sometimes appear dull and lacking in light. This new trend will illuminate the complexion thanks to a work of locks on the lengths and around the face: a hot beauty look, essential to face the new season and the imminent arrival of winter. Is the highlighted hair trend, long eclipsed by balayage, making a comeback this year?

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