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5 Beauty Tricks For More Beauty After Lockdown

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What very few people knew: The coveted natural glow is created in lockdown times! Because the following beauty hacks don't do any work, but still ensure a wonderfully radiant appearance when the office (finally) opens again.

Give silicone a chance

No, not in your lips: silicone pads for the décolleté, neck, or forehead (for example from apricot) are effective wrinkle removers. The (slightly sweaty) microclimate between the pad and the skin ensures a plumping effect. So far the only disadvantage was that you could only wear these things at night because you have to leave them on the skin for at least an hour to see the effect. In the home office, the reusable pads are a perfect beauty treatment between the Zoom conferences.

Exercise Your Beach Waves

Exercise Your Beach Waves | 5 beauty tricks for more beauty after lockdown

Do you think your waves are not as beautiful as the others? This is because they fell asleep while blow-drying and drying them regularly. To get you back in shape, you need the same thing as your body: a little exercise. Here's how: After washing, apply the care product to wet hair, comb your hair carefully and wrap it in a microfiber towel for a few minutes. Then knead the individual strands very lightly from bottom to top. And now hands off! And this is how you do it with the next washes. You will see, your hair will remember who it is: real beach waves.

Say bye-bye to the bob

Yes, a "blunt cut" (a blunt cut bob without steps) is still chic and of course very grown-up, but the counter-trend has long been emerging on the catwalks: long hair. And because every inner girl secretly dreams of the long mane, now is the best time to give it a try. The reason for failure is usually only the phase in which the former bob hits the shoulder. Nowhere can you endure it better than in the home office. So: apply caffeine tonic (long, shiny hair is made by a healthy scalp!), tie your hair up in a bun, and off to the computer.


Leave your toenails alone

Already clear: the view of pale feet and even paler, dull toenails is more difficult to bear, the grayer it is outside. On the other hand, permanent varnishers in summer wonder why their feet are somehow not suitable for the beach despite their golden tan with natural nails. They are dull and more yellowish than pale pink. This is simply because all nails need air to breathe at some point! When would that be better than now? Of course, that does not mean that foot care is now canceled: Do everything else you do, i.e. files, treat the rough heels, regularly (carefully) push back the cuticles and cream. And now treat your toenails to an extra dose of care, for example with a nail oil - for optimal hydration after a shower.

Let your brows do what they want

Then, when the brow specialist is allowed to open again, finally enough material to bring your brows into the perfect shape. Until then, give your eyebrows a nice curl upwards with a brush and a little water or skin oil. If you like, you can also apply a special brow serum in the morning and in the evening to stimulate growth and (finally) ensure more fullness. P.S. Nobody will consciously look at your brows in the video conferences, I promise - unless you are equipped with a high-resolution professional camera.

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