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Electrified Hair: 10 Helpful Tips


It's that easy to tame electrified hair...

Are you one of those women whose hair defies gravity and just sticks out in all directions, especially in winter? Electrified hair can be really annoying. Find out what you can do to tame your mane here!

Electrified Hair: 10 Helpful Tips

Especially women with thin or fine hair know this: Pull a hat or scarf over your head and your hair will stand on end. These have become electrically charged and create a look like "I just rubbed my hair with a balloon". The causes of this can be many, but the good news is: It's not difficult to get a grip on electrified hair!

Electrified Hair: 10 Helpful Tips
Flying and electrified hair accompany us, especially in WInter.

Causes of electrified hair

Charged and flyaway hair occurs mainly in winter. This is simply because the air is then particularly dry due to all the heating. In this way, the hair itself dries out more quickly and can become electrostatically charged more easily. This happens, for example, when you rub a certain shoe material over a carpet or wear synthetic fabrics. Similarly, hair can become charged when it comes into contact with a plastic brush or comb. They give off their negative charge to the object in question and charge themselves positively - electrified hair is therefore a pure product of physics.

Causes of electrified hair | Electrified Hair: 10 Helpful Tips
Dry air in winter and textiles statically charge our hair.

What helps against electrified hair?

Immediate help:

1. Shine Spray

Shine sprays are actually meant to give your hair a shiny and shimmering finish after styling. But its ingredients can also help against flyaway hair because they moisturize them.


2. Cream

Rub a small dab of moisturizer into your palms and gently smooth it over your hair. These should be right back where they belong. But be careful, too much cream can quickly make your mane look greasy.

3. Anti-static spray

The beauty industry has heard our prayers and is giving us sprays that are supposed to help directly against electric hair. They are simply sprayed onto the hair and tame immediately.

4. Water

Wet your hands with water and hold them a few inches above your hair. As if by magic, they can be discharged again very quickly.

5. Wearing a braid

If nothing helps at first, but you don't want to continue walking around as a Struwwelpeter, you should braid your hair or wear it in a ponytail.

Preventive Tips:

6. Avoid dry air

That doesn't mean you should turn off the heat. Just ventilate the room more often and if the air is very dry, put a bowl of water on the heater, which ensures a humid room climate.

7. Apply conditioner

Treat your hair regularly to an oil-based hair mask so that it is well cared for. A moisturizing shampoo can also help.

8. Blow dry your hair less often

Only blow-dry your hair if you absolutely have to or if you are under stress because the hot air from the blow dryer dries out the hair.


9. Wear clothing made from natural fibers

Avoid wearing synthetic clothing in winter. The safest way to ride here is with cotton or other natural materials.

10. Avoid using plastic brushes

Like your clothes, your brush or comb should not be made of plastic. A wooden brush with natural bristles will charge your hair far less than a plastic one.

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