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Zendaya Shows: This Is How Extra-Long “Mermaid” Hair Becomes Oscar-Worthy


The wind came at just the right time to showcase Zendaya's hairstyle on the red carpet at this year's Academy Awards.

The fact is: everyone looks gorgeous at the Oscars. Still, it's obvious that guests aren't taking any great risks with their beauty looks this year. Zendaya, on the other hand, surprised - as one is used to from her - between a lot of red lips, neutral manicures, and classic Hollywood waves this year with an extraordinary beauty look consisting of breathtaking curls that almost reach to the knees.

Zendaya Shows: This Is How Extra-long “Mermaid” Hair Becomes Oscar-worthy

The actress, who will present an award at the award ceremony, walked the red carpet in a canary-yellow Valentino dress and matching mask. Her hair was styled in a center parting with loose waves and fell over her waist.

Zendaya Shows: This Is How Extra-long “Mermaid” Hair Becomes Oscar-worthy
Zendaya walked the red carpet with fresh makeup and extra-long, wavy hair.

Even the wind knew it was time for a breathtaking performance because as Zendaya walked the red carpet, a gentle gust of hair blew hair around her waist. Of course, this is not the most exciting beauty look that the actress has ever presented on the red carpet, but the fresh make-up and the extra-long hair are noteworthy and make you want to follow the hair growth caused by the pandemic.

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