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Hair: These Hairstyles Create A New Look - Without A Hairdresser


Fresh hair despite Corona: These hairstyles create a new look - even without a hairdresser

Fresh hair despite Corona: These hairstyles create a new look - even without a hairdresser | Hair: These hairstyles create a new look - without a hairdresser

You don't always need a hairdresser for hairstyles with a new look: With a few bobby pins and a side parting you can quickly style a pony (see Cynthia Rowley, Fall/Winter 2020/21)

It is well known that you always want to have what you cannot have. This dilemma becomes particularly unsolvable when you long for a new hairstyle - but the hairdressers have closed due to Corona. The situation regarding the desire for new hair is not quite as hopeless. Because a few mini changes can create a new look - even without a hairdresser. With these hairstyles, the hair gets a fresh look.

Need new hair? 3 hairstyles that provide a fresh look even without a hairdresser

1. The faux bob

If you have long hair and want to experiment with a new look, you can try the faux bob. This does not require going to the hairdresser or reaching for kitchen scissors - which we strongly advise against even without a break from the hairdresser due to the corona. How does it work? Simply roll up the hair in strands until the desired length is reached and secure the hair in the neck with clips (preferably flat bobby pins). Then pluck it so that the bob looks the way you want it - if you loosen individual strands or have layered hair anyway, you can edit them a little with texturizing spray. This creates a natural look.


2. The faux side pony

A minimal styling of the hair with a great effect: Hardly any hairstyle changes the personal look as much as a pony. And you can style yourself without a hairdresser - ideal, by the way, for those who are already flirting with the hairstyle but don't dare to take the final step. Back from the hairstyle break and currently particularly modern (and so beautiful 90ies): the oblique, side bangs. It's very easy to "fake" it: Simply pull a deep parting on the side and cut off a strand for the pony at the front. Pin the strand with a hairpin just above the ear and cover it with the rest of the hair. Now pluck the bangs into shape a bit so that they lie nicely round, fix with hairspray, done!

3. Contrast styling

This hairstyle change is the simplest of them all, but it has a similar effect when one longs for a new look without a hairdresser or haircut: the contrast styling. Means: Anyone currently wearing a middle parting tries on the side parting and vice versa. Hairstyles without parting (for example teased and combed back, as with Chiara Ferragni) change the look and make the hair appear in a new shine. The same applies to the texture of the hair: if you have straight hair, you can experiment with curls or beach waves; if you have natural curls, you can wear your hair straight for a change.

3. Contrast styling | Hair: These hairstyles create a new look - without a hairdresser

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