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Rihanna Has Cut Her Hair: She'S Adopting The Trendy Boyish Cut 2023


No more long hair, mullet cut, and dread locks, Rihanna returns to her first love and adopts the boyish cut and ultra-short hair, so trendy in 2021. The opportunity to review the evolution of all her haircuts emblematic and there are many.

Rihanna Has Cut Her Hair: She's Adopting The Trendy Boyish Cut 2023

Rihanna is always on top of trends, and sometimes even ahead of them. After a long period of sporting only dreadlocks lined with extensions, and a disparaged but trendy mullet cut, she decided to change her head, once again. On May 5, 2021, she went to the restaurant in Santa Monica with a brand new haircut, still trendy this Spring / Summer 2021: a very short boyish cut.

The singer and founder of Fenty Beauty also took the opportunity to darken her hair which looks raven black, but again, there is no coincidence. This is one of the most trendy hair colors of the season. A true hair chameleon, Rihanna has tried almost everything in terms of hairstyle, haircut, and coloring, even testing red hair, rather even a fan of radical head changes.

Rihanna Has Cut Her Hair: She's Adopting The Trendy Boyish Cut 2023
Rihanna returns to the boyish cut on May 5, 2021...

A new look for Rihanna, who therefore returns to a short haircut that she knows well for having already worn it several times. After being discovered with very long hair, the singer surprises in 2007 with a short bob then in 2008, with a boyish cut, which marks a turning point in her life.

She then tested long hair, curly then red hair, and returned in 2012, again to a short haircut. Since then, Rihanna has kept her long hair by mixing styles, then adopted a trendy bob, before enjoying a long period with dreadlocks, which ends in May 2021, with this new short haircut.

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