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Damaged Hair: 3 Effective And Natural Hair Creams To Resuscitate Them


How to find a really effective hair cream to hydrate your dry and damaged hair? Discover our 100% tested and approved the natural selection.

Damaged hair: 3 effective and natural hair creams to resuscitate them
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In winter, the hair is particularly fragile. Dull, brittle, and prone to frizz, they call for extra hydration to compensate for cuticle lift due to cold, dry air. The ideal winter hair routine according to hairdressers: decrease the frequency of shampooing, limit constant use of the cap and focus on oil baths. In addition, hair creams and natural leave-in treatments can provide auspicious protection against heating devices and temperature fluctuations. In writing, 3 of them particularly seduced us. Check out our review of these devilishly effective moisturizers and heat-protecting oils for hair.

Nutriplenish Aveda Daily Moisturizer

Nutriplenish Aveda Daily Moisturizer | Damaged hair: 3 effective and natural hair creams to resuscitate them

What's in it?

The latest addition to the Nutriplenish moisturizing range (notably composed of a shampoo, a conditioner, a leave-in treatment, and oil) is composed of 99% natural ingredients. Its vegan and silicone-free formula contains organic pomegranate and coconut oils and mango butter. Active ingredients with moisturizing, repairing, and protective properties.

Our opinion on the Aveda Nutriplenish Daily Moisturizer

Thanks to its fragrance - of natural origin - particularly captivating, this treatment combines efficiency and high sensoriality. The hair, which exudes an exotic aroma of cardamom, lemongrass, cocoa, and ginger, is immediately nourished and sheathed, like thicker. However, be careful not to have a heavy hand: a small amount is enough to treat all the fiber with this treatment primarily intended for dry to very dry and medium to thick hair. But once you find the right dose for your mane, the result is there: the hair is indeed shiny and the frizz disappears!

The Chébé Hair Cream from Chad Salwa Petersen

The Chébé Hair Cream from Chad Salwa Petersen | Damaged hair: 3 effective and natural hair creams to resuscitate them

What does it contain?

Did you know the Chébé? We neither. Used as a poultice by the women of the nomadic tribes of Chad for millennia - rock paintings even illustrate this hair ritual - the grain of the croton gratissimus is said to be the secret of their legendary hair length. A hitherto unexplored asset in cosmetics, which Salwa Petersen, founder of the eponymous brand, wished to honor in homage to the lands of her childhood. After 3 and a half years of research, she integrated it into her Hair Cream with Chebé du Tchad, whose 97.97% natural formula contains neither silicone nor paraffin. Mixed with vegetable oils (castor, sweet almond, and avocado), the active ingredient, primarily intended for curly to frizzy hair, is now suitable for all types of hair.

Our opinion on Chébé du Tchad Hair Cream Salwa Petersen

Particularly suitable for brittle hair, Chébé du Tchad Hair Cream visibly strengthens the fiber and protects it better from friction. Easy to apply, it melts quickly without greasing, as long as we find the right amount for its fiber, depending on its porosity, thickness, and fragility. After 21 days of use, 91% of users found their hair to be healthier. We are more so!

Druide Organic Thermo-Protective Spray

Druide Organic Thermo-Protective Spray | Damaged hair: 3 effective and natural hair creams to resuscitate them

What's in it?

Silicone-free, this Ecocert certified organic thermo-protective treatment gives pride of place to natural ingredients. Coconut, jojoba and olive oils, apricot, vanilla, and rosemary extracts... A synergy of active ingredients from the plant world to "bring Man into harmony with the powers of nature, both for its psychic and metaphysical development as well as for its physical and spiritual development ”, the credo of the Druide laboratories, a Canadian organic brand resulting from Celtic traditions which really deserves to be known.

Our opinion on Druide Organic Thermo-Protective Spray

The formula of this treatment, 99% natural, will delight those who frequently use the straightener or the hairdryer. Although it is not a cream, strictly speaking, its content in moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients makes it a highly protective daily care. Applied to damp or dry hair, it immediately gives it texture, even before using a heating device. Non-greasy, it can be used daily. Be careful, however, to spray it at a good distance (about 20 centimeters) to distribute it well.

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