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Layered Bob: This Super Trendy Bob Hairstyle Suits Every Woman!


What hairstyle just can't get enough of? Right, from the bob! The classic hairstyle has a new look this summer. The layered bob is now worn by everyone who wants to bring a breath of fresh air to their styling!

Layered Bob: This Super Trendy Bob Hairstyle Suits Every Woman!

Bob hairstyles are now a dime a dozen. And yet, every hairstyle differs significantly from the other. Whether hacked bob, side-swept bob, or modern Diana bob - every cut comes with an individual styling that immediately gives us a completely new look. We love reinventing ourselves and bob hairstyles make it possible for us. So we just can't get enough of this classic. The newest star in the bob hairstyle sky is the layered bob! The great thing is that it suits everyone!

What makes the layered bob so special?

The layered bob brings a breath of fresh air to the ranks of the most popular bob hairstyles. In terms of length, it lies between the Flippy Lob, Elongated Bob, and Little Bob. So above the shoulder, but below the chin. The special thing about the trend hairstyle, however, is that the bob is not cut to one length, but rather in layers with loose, light volume. The fresh and soft step cut makes the layered bob the perfect hairstyle for anyone who is toying with a short hairstyle. Mega plus point: The feminine cut with the slightly frayed layers is super quick, easy to style, and requires little effort and heat - what more could you want in summer?

Layered Bob: That's why the trendy bob cut suits everyone!

The layered bob is one of those very special hairstyles that adapt to the individual who wears it - it suits every woman. No matter what face shape, age, or hair structure you have, you can't go wrong with the layered bob. The optimal length for the layered bob is between the shoulders and the chin area - but of course, you can also adjust it according to your personal preferences. The great thing about the layered bob is that you can slowly get used to a short hairstyle thanks to the layers of different lengths in your hair. Who knows, you might ask your trusted hairdresser for the little bob next time you visit.

The layered, fringed cut benefits every hair structure. It gives thin hair more volume, while a thick mane can be thinned out a bit thanks to properly placed layers. This makes the layered bob the perfect summer hairstyle for everyone who sweats a lot under their thick mat in summer.

How do you style the layered bob?

The layered bob lives from its easy stepped cut. In order to emphasize this, the hair can have a little structure. For the look, you can do without all styling tools and rely on your natural hair structure. Simply let your hair air dry and bring some movement into your hair with a little structure spray or sea salt spray - and the casual but stylish layered bob is ready!

However, the trendy bob hairstyle can do a lot more. Whether sleek, gelled back like the gelly bob or slightly wavy, so that the steps are neatly set in the scene - the layered bob has many faces.

Yes, even a cute fringed pony goes perfectly with the tiered look!

All you need to style the trendy bob hairstyle are a few hair tools, such as straightening irons, curling irons, or round brushes, as well as hair gel, volume sprays & Co. to get the hair into shape. You can even create both looks with a straightening iron - smooth & wavy!

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