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5 Things Your Hairdresser Won'T Tell You


For customers, visits to the hairdresser are often one of the highlights of the week. What many forget: Hairdressers just do their job and that includes keeping certain things secret. You can find out what these are here:

5 Things Your Hairdresser Won't Tell You
Hairdressers often don't tell you what they think.

1. "Unwashed hair is unsanitary"

Although hair is washed when you go to the hairdresser, that doesn't mean you don't have to wash your hair for a week before that. Hairdressers are just as frightened of greasy hair as you are. In addition, you can see the hair structure better on freshly washed hair - otherwise, you risk getting the wrong haircut.

2. "Cutting tips is not enough"

Most women go to the hairdresser to have "only the tips" cut. Since a visit to the hairdresser belongs to the service sector and therefore the motto is "the customer is king", hairdressers often do not say what they think, but simply carry out the customer's request. But what he would most like to say: "With the broken hair structure, it is not enough just to cut the tips".

3. "Bleaching without damaging the hair is practically impossible"

There are things that are impossible. And that includes bleaching your hair without damaging it. No matter how good and healthy the hair structure is, chemical bleaching always attacks the hair.


4. "A new haircut is not enough to look like Heidi Klum"

A type change is just as impossible as bleaching without damaging the hair. It is always good to have certain ideas about the hairstyle that you would like to have. But even the best hairdresser cannot conjure up a Heidi Klum out of you if you simply do not have the right face shape and hair structure.

5. "Bringing pictures does not help"

... because the same applies here: Your own hair structure decides how the cut will really be in the end. A good hairdresser will tell you that beforehand.

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