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Hair Slugging Is Latest Trend For Dry Hair - And It Really Works


After face slugging comes hair slugging! It's the dry hair treatment that all you need is hair oil, a sock, and a scrunchie...

Hair Slugging is Latest Trend for Dry Hair - and It Really Works

It is not only in winter that we suffer from dry hair, heat, and swimming in saltwater can also dry out our hair in summer. Hair slugging is supposed to freshen up your hair – with hair oil, a sock, and a scrunchie.

Hair slugging is based on the familiar face slugging. A K-Beauty skincare method in which the face is covered in petroleum jelly overnight after the normal beauty regimen. This should ensure that the facial skin absorbs moisture better and locks it in properly. This is also the aim of hair slugging.

This is how hair slugging works against dry hair

Of course, this trend comes once again from TikTok. With her clip, Monique Rapier has ensured that hair slugging will soon be part of the regular hair beauty routine. Because more than 600,000 users have rewarded the beauty hack with a heart. And this is how it works: The lower two-thirds of the hair is treated with hair oil and then carefully put into a sock. However, this should be one of those fuzzy socks with a soft inner lining. The gentle scrunchie comes into play for support in the form of a ponytail.

On the one hand, the sock ensures that the hair does not rub against the pillow and become knotted at night and, on the other hand, that the hair oil can penetrate the hair undisturbed. Result in the morning after beautifully shiny hair that looks healthier over time because it is constantly supplied with moisture.

This is how hair slugging works against dry hair | Hair Slugging is Latest Trend for Dry Hair - and It Really Works


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