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Figure Slimming: 7 Ingredients To Lose Weight At Breakfast!

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If you want to watch your health and figure or even lose weight, you should change your eating habits consistently and do more sport. In detail, all those foods that are rich in carbohydrates, saturated fatty acids, salt, and/or sugar should be reduced to a minimum and replaced with fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grain products, and lean meat and fish. And not just to save unnecessary calories and to supply the body with extra important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The blood sugar level and the associated metabolic processes play an equally central role in the success of a diet.

7 breakfast ingredients for everyday figure slimming

7 breakfast ingredients for everyday figure slimming | Figure slimming: 7 ingredients to lose weight at breakfast!
Lose weight in the morning: With the right ingredients, breakfast becomes slimming

If they get out of balance and the blood sugar level rises (due to wrong breakfast ingredients, for example), the next food cravings won't be long in coming and you will gain weight rather than lose weight. According to experts, the most important thing is breakfast. If the first meal of the day contains the wrong components or is left out altogether, the metabolism gets mixed up - fat burning is also disturbed! - which makes weight loss significantly more difficult. The organism can be deliberately tricked with just a few basic rules and the right foods. With the following ingredients, your breakfast will now be an effective figure-slimming product!

7 breakfast ingredients for everyday figure slimming | Figure slimming: 7 ingredients to lose weight at breakfast!
The most valuable breakfast ingredients include oatmeal, fresh fruit, milk, and stimulating spices such as cinnamon

Lose weight: 7 breakfast ingredients for a slim figure

1. Oatmeal

They contain long-chain carbohydrates (those are the good ones!), Protein, iron, B vitamins, zinc, and magnesium, provide the organism with energy immediately and keep you full for a long time without causing blood sugar to skyrocket. Tip: Prepare as classic oatmeal with water or milk and add fresh berries, apples or citrus fruits, and cinnamon.


2. Fruit

Clearly, fruit fresh from the market pushes the cells with important vitamins and minerals and also ensures a variety of flavors. Above all, berries and citrus fruits stimulate fat burning due to their high vitamin C content. Tip: Avoid bananas and sweet fruits.

3. Milk (or milk alternatives)

Low-fat milk and its plant-based alternatives provide important nutrients, prevent an unpleasant feeling of hunger, make breakfast easier to digest, and keep you full for a long time. According to a study by the University of Tennessee, the calcium contained is also said to boost fat burning.

4. Superfoods

So-called superfoods, such as chia seeds, cranberries, or pomegranate, provide the cells with extra highly concentrated vital substances and have a positive effect on metabolism and health.

4. Superfoods | Figure slimming: 7 ingredients to lose weight at breakfast!
Whole grain flakes, apples, skimmed yogurt, nuts, and superfoods such as cranberries or chia seeds are the ideal diet foods

5. Spices

Spices such as cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, and ginger bring the metabolism into full swing and support fat burning. Ideal for refining the oatmeal, muesli, or fruit salad.

6. Egg whites

The white (or clear) component of the chicken egg consists of 87 percent water, contains around eleven percent protein, only around one percent carbohydrates, and is also considered fat-free. A powerful source of energy that satisfies hunger and supports muscle building without disrupting the diet.

7. Nuts

Nuts not only provide the body with valuable unsaturated fatty acids, but they also act as dietary fiber, thus promoting digestion and keeping blood sugar levels in balance. Also ideal as a snack in between!

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