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Hair: This Trick To Have A Longer Ponytail Without Extensions Creates A Buzz… The Video Collects 6 Million Views


This trick boosts the length of a ponytail in seconds and without extensions. Enough to display the illusion of longer hair. Video.

Hair: This Trick To Have A Longer Ponytail Without Extensions Creates A Buzz… The Video Collects 6 Million Views
Instagram: @kellybellyboom

The ponytail is one of the hairstyles of the summer. Day and night, she is your ally to fight the heat in style.

However, not all of us have long hair. A video shows the unstoppable trick to boosting the length of a ponytail without extensions.

Just part the hair into two sections. The first section is tied at the top of the head. The second section is attached just below the. Enough to form two ponytails that give the hairstyle the illusion of more substance and more length.

Viewed over six million times, the video garners over 500,000 likes and thousands of comments. "Ah that's cheaper than extensions", "I've tried it and it works", "I've always done this", "Why am I learning this now? However, some Internet users have a few caveats. The result would leave something to be desired on curly hair or hair lacking in density.

Still, others say Ariana Grande is used to this subterfuge.

An iconic ponytail

If there's one star who has made the ponytail her signature, it's Ariana Grande. The singer is distinguished by an XXL hairstyle attached at the top of the head. Ariana Grande confided in about this hairstyle in the columns of The Fader. This singular hair has taken part in the turn taken in her career: "The ponytail is part of this evolution and I am proud of it...".

A few years ago, Camilla Cabello flaunted herself with this same hairstyle and called out the singer on Twitter: “For the first time I made a high ponytail. It literally pulls on my brain… it hurts so much! How are you doing Ariana Grande? The latter would retort, "I'm still in pain... But I'm getting used to it [...] The good news is that you still feel something".




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