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Most Beautiful Short Hairstyles For Summer 2021 - To Match Your Face Shape


Experts recommend the best looks for short hair to match your face shape and features.

Most beautiful short hairstyles for summer - to match your face shape

Not only does long hair offer a variety of styling options, but short hairstyles can also be the perfect way to freshen up our look and find a style that is flattering to our face shape. Although trends go in different directions each season, some appealing short hairstyles always remain among top favorites.

Most beautiful short hairstyles for summer - to match your face shape | Most Beautiful Short Hairstyles For Summer 2021 - To Match Your Face Shape

It's not just about the obvious variations that come to mind first, such as the classic pixie or garçon cut, but also less typical ones, such as the micro bob - one of the most popular looks for those who, until recently still wore medium-length hair - the mullet that was made popular by actresses such as Úrsula Corberó, Miley Cyrus or Kristen Stewart or the bowl cut that Charlize Theron brought back into fashion. But even if some celebrities opt for the most daring versions, that does not mean that these are the most popular in the hairdressing salons, nor that they are the cuts that experts usually recommend when looking at the Dare to leap to short hair.

We spoke to several specialists to find out which cuts are the most popular right now and how we can choose our look to match the shape of the face.

Pixie cut - Suitable for all face shapes

Pixie cut - Suitable for all face shapes | Most Beautiful Short Hairstyles For Summer 2021 - To Match Your Face Shape
According to the expert, the popular pixie cut fits all face shapes and hair colors on the inside.

Also known as the garçon or boy cut, the pixie is undoubtedly one of the most famous short haircuts (if not the most famous). This is also confirmed by David Lesur, head of training at the David Künzle Salons, who explains that this type of cut "suits all face types." However, he also explains that the cut "looks better on women with a long neck and short stature or a round face if there is a volume at the back". Roxana Gutu, director of the Lobelia Sagasta salon, agrees with the recommendation of a pixie for round faces, pointing out that it can also be very flattering on oval and square faces. In addition, the specialist adds that "it goes perfectly with all hair colors, is very fresh and versatile, no matter how you style it". This boy cut can be styled and cut in many different ways. For styling, David Lesur recommends "a body jelly for fine hair and for thicker hair a styling milk that can be fixed with wax or hairspray".

However, there is one thing we must not forget in view of its short length: It is not one of the most easy-care cuts, because as soon as it grows, it needs a touch-up, which is not the case with longer haircuts. For this reason, Lesur recommends "going to the hairdresser every four to six weeks" for care.

Feminine blunt bob

Feminine blunt bob | Most Beautiful Short Hairstyles For Summer 2021 - To Match Your Face Shape
A classic among celebrities: the blunt bob.

When it comes to popular and universally flattering haircuts, both experts agree to highlight the blunt bob, a celebrity classic that, as David Lesur explains, is “like a square, just two inches below the jaw, without steps, but with a pronounced apex ". As Roxana Gutu points out, this option is perfect "if we want to sharpen an oval face, but also for women with more angular features, if you leave the bob a little longer. The blunt bob is very feminine and ideal for fine and straight hair, there It creates volume. It looks equally good on a round, square, or oblong face, whether short, long, parted, with straight or long bangs. It also brings out the cleavage, "she adds. Undoubtedly one of the most versatile and suitable options for everyone: n.

Bob cut: straight vs. structured

Bob cut: straight vs. structured | Most Beautiful Short Hairstyles For Summer 2021 - To Match Your Face Shape
A bob with waves and volume can hide features that unsettle us.

There are many variations of the bob, once the ones that can be summed up in the shorter and straighter options - more along the lines of the blunt bob we talked about earlier - and, on the contrary, those with more texture. While both options can be very flattering, one is more likely to bring out certain features of our face and the other to hide them. If we want to highlight our cheekbones - whether we like and emphasize this feature, or whether we have a round or oval face and want more definition - Jero de Santos, director of the Menta Beauty Place salon, recommends "a bob cut that is very pronounced and defined at the level of the jaw ".

Another issue where the haircut can have a huge impact is the nose. So if we have a particularly large nose and want to make it appear smaller, the expert advises "a bob that is a little longer and contains a structure. This should always be worn with a side parting and given extra volume with the help of a few waves, which also helps to hide other features like a wider forehead ".


Micro bob with pony

Micro bob with pony | Most Beautiful Short Hairstyles For Summer 2021 - To Match Your Face Shape
There is the right pony for every woman - tailored to the shape of the face and personal style.

When we asked Sonia Atanes, the manager of the SAHB salon, about the best options for wearing a pony with short hair, the first thing she pointed out was that "we are always asked what type of face a pony is best for and if it looks better with short or long hair. My personal experience tells me that every woman can stand a pony, you just have to find the right look to match the shape of your face and your personal style". Still, she points out that in general they "look great with a microbob or short bob because they're quite comfortable and easy to maintain, as are other asymmetrical cuts on medium-length hair".

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