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Long Hair: With These Tips, Your Hair Will Grow Faster


Are you dreaming of a Rapunzel mane, but have no patience at all? We reveal the best expert tricks you can use to accelerate natural hair growth.

Long Hair: With These Tips, Your Hair Will Grow Faster

These clever tricks ensure long hair and rapid growth

We all know the dilemma: once our hair is long, we long for a bob. If we then have a short haircut, the hair should quickly grow long again. The misery: the head of hair is cut off quickly – the other way around you have to be patient for a long time. The good news first: In summer, hair grows a little faster because the sun does its bit. The bad news: Because for all those who have already asked themselves: "How fast does hair actually grow?", now comes the sobering truth: On average, hair in European women only grows about one to 1.5 centimeters per month! What's more, the maximum hair length is genetically determined. For one, the hair can reach to the feet, but for the other only to the shoulders. Unfortunately, hair cannot grow beyond this length, even with the best means. But up to this gene limit - and if you want to grow your hair from short back to long - you can accelerate hair growth.

Long hair: tips to make your hair grow faster

1. Tip for long hair: hair care

"One of the most important requirements for long hair is hair care," explains Manu Kopp, Guhl's hair expert. After all, hair can only grow strong and fast if it is healthy. Above all, you should make sure that the hair care is individually tailored to the hair type - the conditioner, which follows after every hair washes, protects the hair, and provides it with the right substances, is particularly important. Leave the conditioner in wet hair for a minute and then rinse it out with cold water - this closes the cuticle layer and the hair is less prone to split ends. The result: well-nourished and shiny lengths.

2. Tip for long hair: cut ends

Yes, it's actually true: If you want to grow long hair, you have to get it cut. This is also confirmed by the Guhl expert. At best, you should go to the hairdresser every two to three months and trim the tips by about half a centimeter. Everything about split ends for hair can be found here. The question: "Does hair grow faster when you cut it?" the expert cannot confirm. However, they definitely grow back healthier and hair breakage does not occur as often.

3. Tip for long hair: head massage and brushing

If you stimulate the scalp with massages, you can also make your hair grow faster and even reduce hair loss. Due to the increased blood circulation, the hair is supplied with nutrients more quickly and can grow back better and, above all, stronger. You can either use your hands and fingers to do this, or you can use a metal head massage spider. Of course, you can also stimulate growth by brushing your hair, after all, it also has a massage effect. In addition, the natural hair sebum is transported from the roots to the drier lengths and this also protects the hair from breaking off. Brushes with wild boar bristles are still the most gentle, as these come closest to the structure of human hair. Scalp peelings also have a circulation-enhancing effect and at the same time free the scalp of styling residues. There are also many products that take care of a healthy scalp.


4. Tip for long hair: growth-stimulating beauty products

When it comes to making hair grow faster, serums or shampoos with caffeine also work well. Caffeine stimulates blood circulation and ensures faster hair growth. Also new are products with so-called follicusan, a hormone-free, natural hair growth substance.

5. Tip for long hair: Eat a healthy diet

Hair is mostly made up of keratin, a protein. In order to strengthen the hair, it is therefore important to have sufficient healthy protein sources on the menu. They are found in fish, meat, lentils, almonds, and oatmeal. Zinc is also involved in the formation of stabilizing keratin. Biotin and silicon, which are found in nuts, avocados, and green vegetables, are also important trace elements. They support cell metabolism and thus cell division, which allows hair to grow. Vitamin E is also known to strengthen the hair follicles and scalp - also essential when it comes to faster hair growth. Vitamin E occurs naturally in pumpkin seeds, almonds, and sesame. All trace elements and vitamins are also available in the form of tablets (e.g. silica or yeast) - but these can only help in combination with a balanced diet and do not replace them.

6. Tip for long hair: avoid alcohol

Both in care products, where they dry out the hair and as a drink. Because if you often consume alcohol, the zinc content in the blood decreases.

7. Tip for long hair: sleep on silk pillows

They are gentler on the hair and reduce hair breakage and split ends.

8. Tip for long hair: Holiday for the hair

Give your hair a break from heat styling, hot blow-drying, bleaching, and styling with flat irons, curling irons, etc. They strain the hair and can thus promote hair breakage. That's why Manu Kopp advises: "Send your hair on vacation every now and then by simply letting it air dry."

9. Tip for long hair: Don't give stress a chance

We, women, tend to overdo it! But be careful: Anyone who fights their way through the hamster wheel of everyday obligations and can't get any rest at all also stops hair growth and can even promote hair loss. This is often accompanied by a lack of sleep, which slows down growth hormones - and thus hair growth.

Long hair with natural home remedies

Castor oil

Omega-6 fatty acids are said to stimulate hair growth - and they are particularly high in castor oil. It is therefore advisable to use castor oil as a cure. Since it is very viscous, it should be mixed with coconut oil, olive oil, or almond oil in a 1:1 ratio. Apply this mixture to the head, massage in circular motions for five minutes, and leave on for 30 to 45 minutes. Then wash the hair as usual - but better twice in a row, otherwise the hair will look greasy. Incidentally, the pumpkin seed oil is also considered an absolute miracle cure for long hair.

Herbal broth

Herbs such as rosemary, catnip, stinging nettle, horsetail, and sage in particular are considered in naturopathy to stimulate and stimulate blood circulation. So why not use these herbs for hair growth as has been done for thousands of years? Simply make a care broth for this. Mix about 30 grams of herbs and pour in a liter of hot water. Leave for 20 minutes and use as a conditioner after washing your hair.

Aloe vera

Like onions and garlic, aloe vera belongs to the lily family. These contain beta-sitosterol, which stimulates blood circulation. It is therefore advisable to massage fresh aloe pulp onto the scalp - and also into the lengths. Because the gel contains a lot of moisture, which helps against dry hair. With aloe vera, you can cover two needs at once, which makes it the magic bullet for fast hair growth.

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