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Undone Bob Will Be The Hairstyle Trend In 2021


The most common phrase at the hairdresser in 2020? We bet it was: “Cut off a few more inches.” After all, you should limit all contacts - including visits to the hairdresser. Besides, you could never be sure when the next lockdown was coming. So, with wise foresight, you parted with a few more centimeters in advance. No wonder the bob in all its variations became the most popular haircut of the year.

Undone Bob Will Be The Hairstyle Trend In 2021

© Instagram @hannahkleit - The undone bob eliminates the need for extensive styling and regular hairdresser visits. A perfect hairstyle trend for 2021.

The unsafe situation will continue to accompany us in 2021 - and with it, the new favorite cut. In the first place is for sure the bob in the undone version. Means: The strands all end at one length. Except for the pony part - it gently flatters the face.

Hairstyle trend 2021: Undone bob

Hairstyle trend 2021: Undone bob | Undone Bob Will Be The Hairstyle Trend In 2021

© Instagram @hannahkleit

That makes elaborate styling - which we neglect a bit during the lockdown anyway - completely unnecessary, the look just looks coolest out-of-bed. And: The hairstyle trend can easily grow from short to long bob, without having to have another haircut at the hairdresser in between.

So perfect for the current situation, in which you never really know how long you will have to stay at home.

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