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Baking Soda: Friend Or Foe Of Our Hair?


A so-called "miracle" product, baking soda is a multifunction ingredient whose virtues are known and recognized in many fields. It is clear that beauty is no exception... But then, do baking soda and hair care go hand in hand? The answer in this article!

Baking Soda: Friend Or Foe Of Our Hair?

Natural and economical, it is said that baking soda would have its place in everyday household chores as well as in our beauty products. Indeed, many praise the merits of this ingredient unlike any other for oral hygiene, the beauty routine of the skin, or even that of the hair ... The problem is that others, on the contrary, judge baking soda as too abrasive to be considered real care. Here, it is on the hair that we are focusing on.

In recent years, the no-poo trend has made a name for itself, you know: this method straight from the United States which aims to stop using chemicals in your hair and to space the washings as much as possible... Baking soda is, therefore, the ideal alternative to traditional shampoos: sanitizing, natural, inexpensive, easy to find in supermarkets ... Could it be the perfect ingredient for our hair? Nothing is less sure. We now explain to you how its use can be beneficial for our hair, but also why it should not be abused. Zoom on the baking soda!

Baking soda: What is it?

To begin with, you should know that the terms "sodium bicarbonate" and "baking soda" are both synonyms for "baking soda". There is no difference between these three different names: in each case, it is a crystalline powder recognizable by its white color, pure, odorless, and which exists in its natural state. Multifunctional, baking soda is mainly used today for its exceptional cleansing properties. And yet, we were telling you, there is more to it than the potency of baking soda, which can be used almost anywhere and for anything. But beware, this has limits and the abrasiveness of baking soda is obviously not for nothing. Before getting into the subject of precautions to take with this ingredient, let's first take a look at the craze around it when it comes to taking care of not only the hair but also the scalp.

Baking soda: What is it? | Baking Soda: Friend Or Foe Of Our Hair?

What does baking soda do for hair and scalp?

Known for effectively removing dirt, baking soda has no equal for cleaning up the scalp and ridding the hair of all the impurities that accumulate there (sebum, dandruff, dust, lime, silicones, pollution, etc.). This ingredient is therefore ideal in the event of a change in hair routine or itching of the scalp (in any case, when these are caused by the accumulation of impurities and not by local irritations). Another utility, often overlooked, baking soda can also be used to release hair color. Indeed, the latter acts as a natural bleach by lifting the scales of the hair. So, if you want to get rid of the stain as quickly as possible, baking soda may be one of the solutions for you. Finally, this ingredient can also be used to prevent the yellowing of your hair by removing residues that may be responsible for the appearance of such reflections.

Different ways to use baking soda in your hair

In order to benefit your hair and/or your scalp from the benefits of baking soda, you can proceed in different ways depending on the desired results and the needs of your hair. Decryption:

Baking soda: Take care of your hair!

While it is undeniable that baking soda has real purifying properties, which the hair and scalp can benefit from, such hair care is not recommended for everyone and should in any case be handled with care. The reason for this? Although natural and non-allergenic, baking soda is a product that can be aggressive if used too frequently or on weak scalp and hair. Indeed, while it is generally advisable to apply products respecting the average pH of the hair - which is most of the time between 4.5 and 5.5 - that of baking soda is around 9. It is this high pH that will promote the opening of the hair cuticles and thus their drying out over time. This is why, if your scalp is irritated, your skin is generally sensitive or your hair tends to be dry, fine, brittle, damaged, or even chemically straightened (Brazilian straightening), we recommend that you do not use baking soda for hair care. The same is true if you value your hair color and don't want it to bleed out faster.


How often to use baking soda?

If your scalp and your hair are in good health - in other words: not particularly sensitive or fragile - in this case, you can use baking soda... But be careful, always respecting a certain frequency of use. Once your hair is purified with the baking soda, you won't need to repeat the process too often, in which case you may end up making it counterproductive. This is why a use every two weeks or even once a month seems largely sufficient. Of course, it's up to you to adjust the frequency according to the nature of your hair and its needs. But remember, baking soda is still an abrasive solution, the positive effects of which can quickly turn to negative if used excessively. Be careful!

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