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Side Part Bob Is Trendy In Autumn


If there is one hairstyle that is absolutely hip this fall, it is arguably the side part bob. We reveal what's behind the trend look - and why it really flatters every woman!

Side Part Bob Is Trendy In Autumn
The side part bob also looks great as a micro bob!

No matter whether short or long, straight or wavy - the side part bob is one of THE trends of the season for a reason. It really flatters every face shape and hair structure.

Side Part Bob: This is how the trend hairstyle works

Anyone who thinks that the Side Part Bob is a very elaborate haircut is wrong. Because in this bob variant it is actually only the parting that makes the difference. If we have always worn bob hairstyles with a center parting, the side part bob comes with a casual side parting. What is created is a completely new and, above all, quite modern look.

How to style the side part bob?

The following applies to the Side Part Bob: Whatever you like is allowed. Whether you prefer to wear your bob long or particularly short, your hair is curly or slick - the trendy hairstyle offers a lot of scopes. You can also decide for yourself whether you want to pull the side parting very accurately or if you prefer to casually flip over the front section of hair to one side. With just a few styling hacks, you can create a new look again and again - without having to go to the hairdresser!

Who is the side part bob for?

And that's not all: Because the side part bob is so versatile, it naturally flatters every woman! The side part bob gives every face shape a great frame and sets every hair structure perfectly in the scene.

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