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Clay Mask Is Jennifer Aniston'S Beauty Trick For Glowing Skin


In her role as Rachel Green in the hit series "Friends", Jennifer Aniston became a style role model for an entire generation. Today she stands in front of the camera for series like “The Morning Show” and hardly seems to have aged. How does the now 52-year-old actress manage to look so radiant even after 30 years in show business? In addition to an impressive figure, thanks to a targeted diet and a lot of sport, Jennifer Aniston uses a special mask that makes her skin glow.

Clay Mask Is Jennifer Aniston's Beauty Trick For Glowing Skin
Jennifer Aniston's secret to glowing skin is a special beauty mask...

In her beauty routine for beautiful skin, Jennifer Aniston leaves nothing to chance

In her role as TV presenter Alex Levy on "The Morning Show", Jennifer Aniston has to look fresh in the morning. And in private life too, the schedule is full and healthy skin is essential. In addition to eye masks and cryo sticks (for example the “Cryo Facial Freeze Tool” from Georgia Louis), your morning skincare routine also includes a face mask. The actress recently posted a picture on Instagram showing her with a glass of champagne and a 111 Skin mask. But Jennifer Aniston doesn't just use sheet masks, she actually has a completely different favorite: a clay mask by Charlotte Tilbury.

Jennifer Aniston: This product is her beauty trick for glowing skin

Jennifer Aniston not only relies on Charlotte Tilbury for her make-up looks on the red carpet, with smokey eyes and accentuated lips, the Hollywood star also relies on the renowned cosmetics brand for her daily beauty routine. She cares for the skin, especially with the special face mask from star make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury. What is so special about the mask?

Clay Mask Is Jennifer Aniston's Beauty Trick For Glowing Skin | Clay Mask Is Jennifer Aniston's Beauty Trick For Glowing Skin
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Charlotte Tilbury's Clay Mask: A beauty tip from Jennifer Aniston

The popular clay mask from the Goddess line by Charlotte Tilbury makes the skin glow after the first application visibly smoothes and softens the skin. The ideal preparation for the subsequent make-up. The clay mask is based on a Mediterranean recipe that Tilbury combines from Spanish clay and sweet almond oil. The frangipani flower extract provides moisture and a pleasant fragrance. Vitamin C brightens small bumps. The oils from sweet almond and rose hips, on the other hand, are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and natural linoleic acid - and ensure that special finish.

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