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Blown Out Bob: This Variation On The Classic Is Now All The Rage


Whether long or short, straight or curly – with the bob there is the perfect variation for every beauty. Now the blow-out bob is bringing a breath of fresh air.

Blown Out Bob: This Variation on The Classic is Now All The Rage
The blow out bob to pop icon Billie Eilish.

On the red carpet of the 2022 Oscars, the "No Time To Die" singer Billie Eilish sported a loose bob, accessorized with bangs and blow-dried ends. She wears the trendy 'blow out bob', which is currently very trendy and always comes across as casual in different versions. We'll show you what's behind it and how the hairstyle works.

This is the blow out bob

The 'Blow Out Bob' describes a classic bob that impresses with a wavy and loose look. The style works wonderfully with a short and very distinctive bob as well as with a long bob.

The trend can be implemented discreetly for everyday life or a little cheekier and more emphasized for the evening. The look is roughly defined by blow-dried tips à la the classic 'blow out' and, depending on the design, can also radiate cool 60s vibes.

Whether with a center or side parting, (micro) bangs or without; the look can be easily adapted to any face shape and suits all hair types.

This is the blow out bob | Blown Out Bob: This Variation on The Classic is Now All The Rage
Instagram: @dior

This is how you style the trend

As far as styling is concerned, the hairstyle convinces with its simplicity. First, the hair is straightened at the roots as well as the lengths. The ends of the hair are then styled outwards for the typical feature of the 'blow out bob'. Depending on the desired end result, either a straightening iron or a curling iron, or a round brush and a hairdryer can be used. Fix the resulting curls, mess them up roughly and the look is done!

Alternatively, you can also achieve the trend with curlers, which makes for an overall more voluminous look and said 60s vibes. All in all, the different styling options can be varied and adjusted according to taste. So everyone can find the perfect look!

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